Research Support Links

In addition to the tutorials located on the library’s homepage, here are video links and information that can help students with the basics.

The beginning….

How to Develop a Good Research Topic:

The model in this tutorial helps the student to move beyond mere data synthesis to research as problem solving.

Preliminary Investigation: Use Wikipedia, Britannica Online, and Opposing Viewpoints to begin your Academic Research

Preliminary Research ... what is it?

Using Wikipedia for academic research?

Also, you can begin your research using these two library resources. 

The Research Process:

Steps in the Research Process

  • Formulate your question (or thesis statement)
  • Get background information
  • Refine your search topic
  • Consider your resource options
  • Select the appropriate resources
  • Use the resource
  • Locate your materials
  • Analyze your materials
  • Organize and write
  • Compose your bibliography

Boolean Searching:

Searching Databases:

Ebsco Citing Articles

The Anatomy of a Scholarly Article

Interpreting Academic Studies

Some important questions to ask when reading a scientific study.

  1. What are the researchers’ hypotheses?
  2. What are the independent and dependent variables? 
  3. What is the unit of analysis?
  4. How well does the study design address causation? 
  5. What are the study’s results?
  6. How generalizable are the results?
  7. What limitations do the authors note?
  8. What conclusions do similar studies draw?

Click here for a more detailed analysis.

Searching the Library’s Catalog

Downloading EBSCO e-Books

This tutorial demonstrates the download functionality for EBSCO eBooks. (video)
Access eBooks here