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Placing a Book or Item on Reserve

To create a course reserve you need:

  1. The item(s) for reserve
  2. The course information
  3. A Course Reserve Form

You may print a Reserve Form or fill one out at the Library Reference Desk. You will need to fill out a separate Reserve Form for each class, and each time you add items to an existing course reserve. The form and items must be given to a reference librarian by you personally.


When there is “face-to face” communication between you and the reserve librarian, potential errors are avoided.

How long will it take?

Typically it takes 24 hours for reserve materials to be processed. However, the beginning of a semester is the busiest time for reserves and it may take up to two days to process. Please plan ahead and take advantage of the time before a semester begins to create your course reserves.

What happens once my reserves are processed?

No news is good news! If you do not hear from the reserve librarian within 24 hours your reserves have been successfully processed. You can check what you have on reserve here.

Can I leave my course reserves on indefinitely?

Yes & No. Please consider that when you leave items on reserve in perpetuity you are prohibiting their circulation to other students. Too often resources are left on reserve and simply forgotten. For this reason the library will email professors after each semester ends to remind them of what they have on reserve.  

We ask you to take the time to consider and evaluate whether your reserve items were used for your class. You may ask the library for usage statistics so you can consider which reserves were used the most and which were used the least. 

Items on reserve will not automatically roll-over from semester to semester. Roll-over resources must be requested.  

Reserve Options

  • 2 Hour Reserve - Items allowed to be checked out for 2 hours with the option of one 2 hour renewal. The item may leave the library overnight (1hr. before closing) and must be returned 1 hour after opening the next day.
  • 2 Hour Reserve Not to Leave the Library - Items allowed to be checked out for 2 hours with the option of one 2 hour renewal. Item may not leave the library ever.
  • 4 Hour Reserve – Typically used for long DVDs. Items can leave the library.
  • 3 Day Reserve – Typically used for DVDs. Items may be checked out for 3 days.
  • 1 Day Reserve – Typically used for DVDs. Items may be checked out for 1 day.

More information on borrowing library materials, contact the library.

Contact Person - Travis Basso, x2206

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Information Literacy Instruction

Faculty can schedule a Single Information Literacy Session (SILS) with a librarian.

SILS refers to a single session taught by library staff that introduce students to library research strategies and the resources the library offers. Library instruction sessions are designed to supplement the skills necessary to complete a particular class project (typically a research paper). Instruction may include exploring the library’s website, online catalog, and online databases. Sessions are meant to help students with the research process by focusing on articulating an information need, formulating a research strategy, and evaluating the information found. Evaluating external internet resources for accuracy and reliability may also be discussed. 

Questions to consider:

What specific resources and concerns would you like a librarian to address?

What are your expectations for the session?

Will your class assess any concepts about information, research, or scholarship? 

Contact us when:

You are planning to give students an assignment that involves using the library’s resources. It helps if you provide us with a copy of the assignment and also a course syllabus.

Be proactive:

By providing librarians with forward-thinking information, librarians can make sure they have the resources that students need. With some notice in advance, librarians can identify resources about the research project and emphasize the anticipated use of these resources to colleagues.

Contact any librarian for a SILS session: Travis Basso x2206, Marilyn Chin-Gosset x2205, or William Perrenod x2210.

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Interlibrary Loan

What is an Interlibrary Loan?

The Library’s Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service supports the research and educational needs of the Concordia College NY community by providing access to supplemental information and materials not held in the Library's collections. ILL is made possible by cooperative sharing agreements with other libraries.

Items owned by the CCNY library that are currently in use should not be requested through Interlibrary Loan. However materials owned by the College Library that show in the Library Catalog as being missing, long overdue, lost, or at the bindery may be requested.

Interlibrary Loan is intended to supplement the research needs of students, faculty and staff. It is not a replacement for materials required for courses. Items needed for an entire class or study group should be put on library reserve by the instructor, rather than borrowing multiple copies through Interlibrary Loan.

How do I request an ILL?

First find all of the related citation information; for books this is at least: title, author, publisher, copyright date and edition; for articles it must have: journal title, volume, issue, date, article title and article author. Incomplete information will delay the borrowing process. Once you are sure we do not have that item here at Concordia, fill out an Interlibrary Loan form either online or in person at the reference desk.

ILL Article Request Form (online)

ILL Book Request Form (online)

How do I receive my ILL?

Requested materials typically arrive within 7-14 days after an ILL request has been submitted. However, there is no way to predict an items arrival. Delivery time is related to availability, the lending library’s procedures, and the delivery service used. Electronic delivery tends to be the fastest method while USPS can take up to 3 weeks.

You will be notified by campus email when your request comes in. Please pick up the item(s) from the circulation desk in the College Library under your last name. Items not picked up within 2 weeks will be sent back without notice to the borrowing patron.

Note: The patron is responsible for the material from the time it is picked-up from the College Library until it is returned.

The individual borrower is responsible for any infringement of Copyright Law regarding materials on loan from other libraries.

When is my ILL due?

Every item will have a bookmark containing important information including the due date. Most items are given a three week loan period but all items must be returned by the due date written on the bookmark or fines may accrue. If a renewal is needed a request must be sent to Travis Basso as far in advance as possible. Please note that renewals are granted at the lending libraries discretion and are not a guarantee.


There is usually no charge for borrowing returnable materials through Interlibrary Loan. Some institutions, however, do charge. If there is a fee involved, the patron's approval is obtained before submitting the request.

The patron is responsible for fees or fines resulting from late return, loss of, or damage to materials borrowed by that patron.

Note: An institution may issue an invoice for an overdue book. Some institutions charge a non-refundable fee once an invoice has been generated. This fee varies but may be as much as $50 or more.

Please plan ahead as it often takes 2-3 weeks for the item to arrive.

Interlibrary Loan Form - email form to request a book or an article not found at Concordia's library.

Contact Person - Travis Basso, x2206

Privledges at WALDO libraries - Concordia's library belongs to the Westchester Academic Library Directors Association (WALDO).  Our membership entitles faculty to visit and borrow from other member libraries. Please contact our Library Director for more information (x2210).

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Request for Purchase

The library strives to provide materials that support the courses taught at Concordia. We encourage faculty to recommend library resources for purchase. Although the library cannot purchase every item recommended, we will make every effort to obtain priority items. Faculty will be notified when ordered materials have been received.

PLEASE NOTE: The library does not purchase textbooks.

The library suggests faculty use this online form: Request for Purchase Form

Contact Person - Marilyn Chin (x2205)

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Faculty should use either their Concordia ID or their academic department’s printing credentials. Reference Librarians have a list of department printing credential. High volume printing or coping should be handled through the Duplicating Office.

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