Center for Urban Education Ministry
(CUEM), 1980-2005

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  • Collection Size: 3.6 linear feet

This Finding Aid consists of three sections:

Historical Note

CUEM logoThe Center for Urban Education Ministry (CUEM) was started by Concordia College’s initiative in the fall of 1980. A four year grant from the Board for Professional Education Services of The Lutheran church – Missouri Synod made the formation possible.

The first workshop was held locally in Bronxville in the summer of 1981. This workshop and the improvements of CUEM had been primarily funded by a grant of the Gundelach Family. Project grants from AAL, Lutheran Brotherhood, LWML and various district and congregational groups were obtained, to offset staffing needs. The first director of CUEM was Dr. Les Bayer.

The mission of CUEM is to helping urban congregations and schools assess their needs and opportunities for educational ministries. Furthermore, offering programs, materials and consultations for pastors, principals, teachers and lay leaders. CUEM also fosters the building of support networks for the work of the center by cultivating partnerships with individuals, congregations, agencies, foundations, colleges and seminaries. The Center is no longer in operation as of July 2006.


Specific College records created 25 years ago or less are normally closed to research. Access to these materials may be obtained only with the written approval of the Dean of Faculty, and the Director of the Library. Please consult with the Library reference staff for assistance.

Scope and Content Note

The CUEM papers contain primarily materials found in the office of Dr. David Jacobson, Provost of Concordia College, Bronxville NY. It is believed that he held the primary file for the Center. Many of the papers of CUEM were in files originally named by Dr. Jacobson and were left in the array he had filed them.

The collection has been arranged into six major series: Correspondence, Financial/Legal Documents, Fundraising, Meetings, Subject Files and Programs.

The Correspondence Series ranges between 1988-2004 and contains both incoming and copies of outgoing mail. The correspondence pertaining to the law suit was not extracted of the files which were established by Dr. Jacobson and be found in folder # 7 to # 11.

Financial/Legal Documents

There are three folders containing financial information however, it is believed that his information does not give the total picture of the fiscal status of the center during its existence. The legal documents contain papers of a law suit filed between US Bank, Trustee of the Charles A. Gundelach Trust (Plaintiff) versus Concordia College (Defendant). Folders # 7 to # 11 also contain correspondence relating to the law suit as well as hand written notes. None of the papers have been arranged into chronological order but left the way they were kept by Dr. Jacobson. So it might be necessary to search all five folders for a specific piece of information. The law suit is still on-going as of August 2006.


Numerous fundraising endeavors were necessary to fund either specific new programs and/or support the continuation and expansion of the existing programs. The fundraising folders contain grant proposals and applications as well as detailed information concerning the program to be established and funded. The series is arranged in alphabetical order.

The Program Series is arranged alphabetically by the name the program was given. There might be a correlation in some cases between programs and fundraising efforts for this program.

Folder List


1 Correspondence 1980-1991
2 Correspondence 1992-1996
3 Correspondence 1997
4 Correspondence 1998
5 Correspondence 1999-2004
6 Financial/Legal - Gundelach Account Statements
7 Financial/Legal - Gundelach Trust - Legal Papers I
8 Financial/Legal - Gundelach Trust - Legal Papers II
9 Financial/Legal - Gundelach Trust - Legal Papers III
10 Financial/Legal - Gundelach Trust - Legal Papers IV
11 Financial/Legal - Gundelach Trust - Legal Papers V
12 Financial/Legal - Payment Vouchers 1998-1999
13 Financial/Legal - Status Reports
14 Financial/Legal - Reports
15 Fundraising - "In the City for Good" Fund
16 Fundraising - AAL Innovation Grant
17 Fundraising - Annual Appeal Correspondence/Records 1996
18 Fundraising – Contributor Mailing List
19 Fundraising - Donor Account Lists
20 Fundraising - Grant Application Info
21 Fundraising - Gundelach Gifts/Information
22 Fundraising - Information
23 Fundraising - Lutheran Brotherhood Grant Proposal
24 Fundraising - LWML Proposal
25 Fundraising - Walther League Proposal
26 Fundraising - Wheat Ridge Proposal
27 Meetings: Ad Hoc Committee
28 Meetings: Advisory Council 1991-1992
29 Meetings: Board of Director's Agendas 1994-1999
30 Meetings: Conference for Women Principals 06/26/1985
31 Meetings: Docket for Board of Directors 12/02/1995
32 Meetings: Docket for Board of Directors 05/30/1996
33 Meetings: Docket for Board of Directors 09/12/1996
34 Meetings: Interim Strategy Board 08/12/1994
35 Meetings: LEAD Conference 04/1994
36 Meetings: Lutheran City Ministry Task Force 1997
37 Meetings: Planning Meeting 04/1999
38 Meetings: SEARCH Institute - Peter Benson 1994
39 Meetings: Urban Education Ministry Conference 2-4 June 1981
40 Meetings: Visit by Principals of Milwaukee Urban Luth. Schools 1986
41 Programs - "Building Bridges for Urban Youth to College and Beyond"
42 Programs - "Flock of Eagles" 1993
43 Programs - "In the City for Good" 1999
44 Programs - ALDE (Association of Lutheran Development Executives)
45 Programs - Campus Ministry
46 Programs - Congregations in Black Missions
47 Programs - Domestic Violence and Abuse Workshop 09/25/1998
48 Programs - Domestic Violence and Abuse Workshop 01/22/1999
49 Programs - Domestic Violence and Abuse Workshop 05/25/1999
50 Programs - Evangelistic Outreach through Lutheran Schools
51 Programs - Evangelistic Outreach through Lutheran Schools – Resources
52 Programs - Focus Awareness Event 1995
53 Programs - Kieschnick Lectures 1997
54 Programs - L3 (Lutheran Lifelong Learning)
55 Programs - Latino Immersion Project
56 Programs - Mission in Urban Areas
57 Programs - Summer Enrichment Program 1995
58 Programs - The Teacher as Counselor Project 03/20/1998
59 Programs - Urban Teacher Counseling Training
60 Programs - Woman as Principal 1992
61 SF: Call of Dr. Richard Weniger 1996
62 SF: Evangel Press
63 SF: Executive Director Search 2000
64 SF: Focus Group Member's Resumes 1995
65 SF: Furniture Purchases 1997
66 SF: General Historical Information, Bylaws
67 SF: Institute Workshops 1993-1994
68 SF: Institute Workshops 1995-1996
69 SF: Institute Workshops 1997
70 SF: Lutheran School Association - General Information
71 SF: Lutheran School Association - New Lutheran Teachers Information
72 SF: Lutheran School Association - New Teachers List 1997-1998
73 SF: Lutheran School Association - New Teachers Training Material
74 SF: Lutheran School Association Materials
75 SF: Mission Statement
76 SF: Numbered Documents 8 - 60
77 SF: Numbered Documents A-3 to A-11
78 SF: NY State Dep for Edu. - Alternate Teachers Certificate Program
79 SF: NY State Dep for Edu. - Pupil Evaluation Program
80 SF: Publications from ERIC Clearing House
81 SF: Publications I
82 SF: Publications II
83 SF: Publications III
84 SF: Technology - Information
85 SF: Technology & Curriculum Presentation 2000
86 SF: Diploma Blanks

Arranged by Brigitte Conkling; August 2006