Private Music Instruction

Private lessons are available for piano, strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and voice for beginning through advanced students from school age through high school. Enrollment is open to interested students, regardless of age or ability.

Lessons are available in 30, 45, and 60-minute lengths, with 31 lessons per academic year and one studio class. As part of the youth private instruction program, registered students are offered performance opportunities as detailed below. Careful consideration is given to match students with the appropriate instructor. First-time students are required to interview with the Executive Director prior to registration. At that time, students learn about the Conservatory's philosophy and special offerings, and the Executive Director will recommend a teacher and schedule a lesson time.  

Students enrolled in private lessons are encouraged to participate in chamber ensembles, classes, and performance opportunities. For piano instruction, a piano or electronic keyboard at home is required for enrollment.

  • Strings: violin, viola, cello, double bass, guitar (acoustic & electric), bass guitar
  • Percussion: drumset, marimba, symphonic percussion, World/Afro-Caribbean drums
  • Piano: classical, jazz, harpsichord
  • Voice: classical, musical theater, jazz, pop
  • Brass: baritone, trombone, trumpet, tuba
  • Woodwinds: clarinet, flute, oboe, piccolo, recorder, saxophone, bassoon

Year-long enrollment required.

Lesson Per Semester Year-long
20-minute lesson $615 $1,230 (age 5 & under)
30-minute lesson $920 $1,840
45-minute lesson $1,380 $2,760
60-minute lesson $1,840 $3,680

New! Private Coaching Sessions for Vocalists & Instrumentalists

As part of the private instruction program, registered students are offered the opportunity to
schedule private piano coaching sessions with Jon Klibonoff to work on their repertoire outside of their private instruction to prepare for performance. Coaching sessions consists of four, 20-minute sessions scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, Saturday throughout the academic year.

All Ages
Semester 1 & 2 20 minutes 4-16 sessions
Tuition: $100 4 sessions
$28 Per session

We Welcome Students for Music Instruction Year-Long

Private Instruction Enrollment

Woman talking to a child

To ensure the student’s best placement with faculty, first-time students enrolling in the private and semi-private instruction programs are required to interview in person with the Conservatory Executive Director. There are no audition or portfolio requirements for admission. Private lessons are scheduled in the order in which registration is received. The lessons are scheduled on the basis of student and teacher availability and the Executive Director’s recommendations. The Conservatory makes every effort to accommodate each student’s schedule in assigning lesson times.

Concordia Conservatory offers private, semi-private, and group lesson throughout academic year (32 weeks) and private instruction during summer (6 weeks).

Conservatory General Information & Policies

Performance Opportunities for Private Music Instruction

Each year, Concordia Conservatory presents more than 150 performances by students and faculty. All students from beginning to advanced levels are encouraged to experience public performance. The satisfaction and self-confidence school-age students gain by playing in these settings is very important to personal and musical development.  

  • Performance Classes

The Conservatory encourages students of all levels to participate in these informal settings in which students play for their peers, the faculty, and the Director. Faculty recommend their individual students for upcoming performance classes. An accompanist is provided for performance classes.

  • Studio Classes

This class is an excellent supplement to private study, given through group exercises. While expanding students’ knowledge of music, the class builds confidence and motivates students in their private study. Studio classes are held once a year at the end of the first semester.

  • Honors Recitals

These semi-annual recitals feature students who have demonstrated outstanding commitment and progress during the school year, based on a teacher’s recommendation.

  • Year-End Recitals

Student recitals are held for family and friends at the end of the year in the Sommer Center for the Performing Arts. Recital participation is highly recommended. Students prepare repertoire with the approval and guidance of the teacher.

  • Senior Recitals

This recital offers a concentrated performance outlet for the music student at the end of his or her senior year in high school. Students prepare recital repertoire and set dates with the Executive Director.

  • Music and Art-on-Parade

Students and faculty play and create art throughout the day to raise funds for the Conservatory's scholarship and music outreach program.

  • Outreach Concerts

Select students and faculty perform concerts throughout the year at Lawrence Hospital, The Wartburg in Mount Vernon, the Fountains Senior Living in Tuckahoe, Sunrise Assisted Living in Mount Vernon, The Andrus Senior Center, and concerts in association with Bronxville Chamber of Commerce.

  • Chamber Music

Playing chamber music is an essential aspect of learning an instrument. Learn more.