Honors Program

New! Concordia Conservatory Academy

Designed for the motivated, advanced and gifted instrumentalists and vocalists, the Conservatory Academy is a training center for highly gifted pre-collegiate musicians. The goal of the Academy is simple—to make aspiring young people the best musicians they can be. In order to achieve this, the Academy program provides students with a range of class offerings in music theory, ear training, basic conducting, music history, and solo performance. All Academy students are required to participate in chamber music, musical theatre and opera scenes and 60-minute private instruction.

A live audition is required for acceptance and enrollment will be limited. The audition dates are: June 11 & September 18. Special audition times will be accommodated when possible. Call the Conservatory office to set an audition time and date. Audition repertoire includes one piece that best demonstrates the student’s current abilities.

The Academy classes will take place on Saturday afternoons, and 60-minute private instruction can be scheduled throughout the week.

Components include:

  • Musical Theatre Dance for Singers only (8 sessions per semester)
  • Music Theory and Ear Training
  • Basic Conducting and Music History
  • Performance Class
  • Chamber Music, Musical Theatre and Opera Scenes
  • 60-minute Private Instruction in Primary Instrument

The Academy focuses on every student’s musical growth and development and assures that the curriculum addresses each individual’s needs.

Tuition: $5,900 (32 sessions) $2,950 (16 sessions) 

Junior and Senior Awards of Distinction

The Awards of Distinction is an honors program created for Conservatory music students who excel in their musical pursuits. The awards will recognize students demonstrating an exemplary level of dedication, persistence, and community spirit. Students selected for this honor will be those who have embodied Concordia Conservatory’s mission to inspire, instruct, and enrich lives through music and the visual arts. Students will be adjudicated on their attitude, efforts, character, and artistic achievement.

Awards will be presented in the spring in two categories: Junior Awards of Distinction will be given to students from ages 12–14, and Senior Awards of Distinction will be for students ages 14–18. In January, teachers will nominate their eligible students for this honor provided the student has achieved the prerequisites listed below. Nominees will then be asked to submit a short essay describing the role of music in their life. An award committee consisting of teachers, department heads, board members, and the Executive Director will select the finalists. The number of finalists chosen each year will vary depending on the number and caliber of nominees.


Junior Award of Distinction

  • Individual lessons
  • Perform in three Conservatory recitals within the academic year
  • Participation in one Conservatory chamber ensemble
  • Perform in one community outreach recital

Senior Award of Distinction

  • Individual lessons
  • Perform in three Conservatory recitals within the academic year
  • Participation in one Conservatory chamber ensemble
  • Perform in two Community Outreach Concerts 
  • Solo Recital

Junior and Senior Advisement

As part of the Concordia Conservatory experience, we offer the following to all students enrolled in our program during their 11th and 12th grades of high school.

  • Guidance on summer programs and college applications with Executive Director
  • Career Development and Networking
  • Senior Recital