Arts for Healing

Arts for Healing, a new department of Concordia College New York at the Conservatory, administers programs for the special needs community, providing creative arts therapy services and programs for children and adults with emotional, physical, developmental
and social needs throughout their lives.

The Conservatory’s Arts for Healing is offering individual and group music, art, and dance/movement therapy throughout Fairfield County, and at its Stamford and Bronxville campuses.

Private Sessions

Private music, art, and dance/movement instruction is available for individuals of all ages. First time students are required to interview with the Executive Director and Clinical Director prior to registration for instrument and teacher recommendation.


Group Instruction

Interactive Music Making for small groups of children, adults and seniors, provides an opportunity for individuals to become an integral part of a creative musical experience. These sessions offer socialization, creative expression, and relationship building, as a natural part of making music together in a fun environment.

Youth    Tuesday    4:00 – 4:45
Adult     Tuesday    5:00 – 5:45


Visual Art is offered to groups of children, adults and seniors who are given opportunities for self-expression through a variety of art mediums. The sessions provide an ideal opportunity for socialization and relationship building.

Youth    Wednesday    4:00 – 4:45
Adult    Wednesday    5:00 – 5:45


Dance/Movement for groups of children, adults and seniors, support healing, growth and wellness through creative and body centered approaches. The sessions foster creativity and movement while providing an opportunity for enhanced self-awareness, socialization, and relationship building.

Youth    Wednesday    4:00 – 4:45


TheaterWorks is a program that integrates music, art, movement and education into a fun theater experience. Familiar stories, fairy tales, songs and nursery rhymes are
adapted for the group according to their age, ability and interests.

Youth    Wednesday    4:00 – 4:45

Performance & Exhibition Opportunities

Each year, Concordia Conservatory presents more than 150 performances and exhibitions by students and faculty in various settings.