Musical Adventures is the umbrella title for Concordia Conservatory's rich music offerings for young and elementary school aged children. In this 2020-21 season, the Musical Adventures Concert series offers two concert broadcasts: the Community Holiday Movie Musical, and a delightful 45-minute Saturday-morning concert, programmed to educate and entertain. Produced and performed by Concordia Conservatory faculty. Listen, Learn, and Laugh Out Loud!

Greg Suss

Matt Van Brink
J.P. Redmond
Chris Landy
Mariah Carey
Harry Warren
Jonathan Jacobson
Benny, Bjorn and Walter Andersson
Walter Afanasieff

When word gets out that there will be no Concordia Holiday Community Musical due to the COVID pandemic, current and past performers flock back to campus to reminisce about past shows. Through performing their favorite musical numbers, they try to determine the “best” holiday musical, and their quest leads them to the “greatest story ever told.” Whether on stage or on the screen, the show must go on!

Greg Suss, director
Lauren Sherwood, choreographer
Jon Klibonoff, music director

Alan Weiss, video director
Marilou Yacoub, video producer



by Rami Vamos

This one-act, musical education comedy centers around Wolfgang Amadeus Schmutzinberry. He has writer’s block. He has been commissioned to write a very important piece for an important occasion but cannot come up with a single note! He comes to the Conservatory and finds inspiration from art and then can write his music.

Rami Vamos as Schmutzinberry
with Nurit Monacelli

Emanouil Manolov, violin
Chungsun Kim, cello
Jon Klibonoff, piano

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