Since 2000, Concordia Conservatory has produced its annual Community Holiday Musical as a tuition-free community outreach program. Funded through grants, foundations, and friends of the Conservatory, the program offers a theater experience with solid production values and high standards for a community cast ages 8 to 22.

2017 Community Holiday Musical, Searching for Christmas

The North Pole is about to be shut down by a depressed Santa Claus.  A group of well-meaning angels turn to Mrs. Claus to help turn things around.  If she can find one child who understands the true meaning of Christmas - the North Pole will be saved.  Mrs. Claus appears before Arnold Bates and convinces him to take on the task - find the true meaning of Christmas to raise Santa's spirits and keep the North Pole going.  Arnold recruits his friends to help, and through a series of misadventures, they band together and discover the true holiday spirit. 

Santa's Year Off!

Past Performances:

  • 2016 Santa's Year Off
  • 2015 Pageant!
  • 2014 Christmas Every Day
  • 2013 A Christmas Carol
  • 2012 Snowflake Has Its Day
  • 2011 Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka
  • 2010 Christmas Every Day
  • 2009 10 Years of Holiday Magic
  • 2008 A Single Winter's Day
  • 2007 A Christmas Carol
  • 2006 12 Days of Christmas
  • 2005 The X-Mas Files
  • 2004 The Nutcracker
  • 2003 A Christmas Carol
  • 2002 North Pole Exposure
  • 2001 Santa You've Got Mail
  • 2000 Amahl and Night Visitors