Since 2001, Concordia Conservatory has produced its annual Community Holiday Musical as a tuition-free community outreach program. Funded through grants, foundations, and friends of the Conservatory, the program offers a theater experience with solid production values and high standards for a community cast ages 8 to 22.

The 2020 production will be a new format – a filmed movie musical to be released on Saturday, December 19. The new format is in response to the Covid-19 pandemic in lieu of a live performance.

❆     ❆    ❆    ❆    ❆    ❆

When word gets out that there will be no Concordia Holiday Community Musical due to the COVID pandemic, current and past performers flock back to campus to reminisce about past shows.  Through performing their favorite musical numbers, they try to determine the “best” holiday musical, and their quest leads them to the “greatest story ever told.”  Whether on stage or on the screen, the show must go on!

Greg Suss

Matt Van Brink
J.P. Redmond
Chris Landy
Mariah Carey
Harry Warren
Jonathan Jacobson
Benny, Bjorn, and Walter Andersson
Walter Afanasieff

Greg Suss, director
Jon Klibonoff, music director
Lauren Sherwood, choreographer
Alan Weiss, video director
Marilou Yacoub, video producer
Larry Alexander, audio engineer


Sarah Angevine
Nicholas Arakas
Aryia Banihashem-Ahmad
Natalie Beit
Elizabeth Cioffi
Nate Dower
Annabella Ferraro
Adela Horsting
Isidora Horsting

Kit Knapp
Ingrid White Krawiec
Athina Lekovic
Finn Mullen
Kelly McWilliams
Maeve McWilliams
Porter Rao
Jeffrey Rohr

Alexandra Seuffert
Katarina Seuffert
Lauren Seuffert
Luke Szczepanski
Lyndsie Schultz
Julia Tobin
Cameron Tyler
Cameron Wanuga
Tobin Zeigler

Rebecca Bitondo, Anthony Evangelista, Joshua Gleason,
Chris Landy, Maya Madhavan, Katie Suss

Lilly Slaughter, Katie Suss

Past Performances

  • 2019 The Spirit Society
  • 2018 A Christmas Carol
  • 2017 Searching for Christmas
  • 2016 Santa's Year Off
  • 2015 Pageant!
  • 2014 Christmas Every Day
  • 2013 A Christmas Carol
  • 2012 Snowflake Has Its Day
  • 2011 Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka
  • 2010 Christmas Every Day
  • 2009 10 Years of Holiday Magic
  • 2008 A Single Winter's Day
  • 2007 A Christmas Carol
  • 2006 12 Days of Christmas
  • 2005 The X-Mas Files
  • 2004 The Nutcracker
  • 2003 A Christmas Carol
  • 2002 North Pole Exposure
  • 2001 Santa You've Got Mail
  • 2000 Amahl and Night Visitors