Robert Schmus ‘11

Robert Schmus Alumni

Robert Schmus II graduated from Concordia College New York in 2011. He currently works as a licensed social worker at a residential house for adolescents with developmental disabilities. Being on the spectrum, he sees himself as a role model for many who attend college with developmental disabilities, and he hopes that he can help others see that one can accomplish great things no matter what. In addition to serving on numerous advisory boards, he is also a public speaker on this topic. He joined the Alumni Association Board as a way to give back to Concordia College for the impact it has had on his life.


He credits the supportive professors at Concordia for providing him with the skills and confidence he needed to achieve success as a LSW. Tour Choir and Beta Sigma Psi were among the organizations he was actively involved in and where the seeds of lifelong friendships were planted. 


“Find what makes you happy. You can work in a career that might make you a millionaire, but it would not be worth it if it doesn't make you happy. Do something you love.” That’s Robert’s advice for Concordia’s students. “Concordia College New York has made a great impact in my life and I hope that it continues to do so.”