Kharis Abraham

Graduate Assistant (Post-Baccalaureate Nursing)

Dr. Susan Apold

Dean, School of Health Sciences and Nursing

Chartpetch Bangpetch

Assistant Coach, Men's Golf

Jordan Baum

Fitness Center Manager | Strength & Conditioning Coach

Dr. Kate Behr

Chair of English, Professor of English, Director of Fellows Program

Aimee Bester

Executive Assistant, Office of the President

Dr. Karen Bourgeois

Director of the Nursing Program, Associate Professor of Nursing

Leina Braga

Coordinator of India Liaison Office Operations

Laura Brezovsky

Director of Incoming Students and Vocational Planning | Head Coach, Cross Country

Avigail Brownstein

Coordinator of Israel Study Abroad Program

Dr. Jim Burkee

Executive Vice President, Professor of History

Thai Chan-Grullon

Assistant Professor, Clinical Coordinator of Radiologic Technologies Program

Marilyn Chin-Gosset

Acquisitions/Reference Librarian/Information Literacy Instructor

Sandra M. Dave

Assistant Professor of Nursing, Director of the Patricia Nelson Nursing Learning Center

Avery Davis

Director, President’s Office & Board Management

Security Desk

(after 5pm until 8:30am on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends)

Alexandra DeStefano

Associate Director of Transfer, Graduate and International Admissions

Dr. Gary Dresser

Assistant Professor of Education, Coordinator for Educational Accreditation, Lutheran Teacher Placement Director

Dr. Laurie DuBos

Interim Dean, School of Education, Associate Professor of Graduate and Early Childhood Education

Yesenia Durand

Volunteer Coach, Women's Volleyball

Eleanor Evangelista

Community Engagement Manager, Impact U

Craig Everett

Head Coach, Baseball | Athletic Grounds Manager

Kit Fitzgerald

Professor of New Media Communications and Digital Production, Director of New Media

Lucille Frabizzio

Assistant to the Director of College Services

Theodore Francavilla

Vice President for Strategic Planning and Strategic Management

Dr. Sherry Fraser

Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

Kimberly Gargiulo

Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Research, Assistant Professor of Psychology

Ruel Gordon

Graduate Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer

Dr. George Groth

Director of the Concordia Connection Program

Dr. Peter C. Hillman

Assistant Professor of Biology and Chemistry

Amie Hollmann

Associate Director of Creative Services

Rev. Dr. Joshua Hollmann

Chair of the Theology Department and Associate Professor of Theology

Deirdre Ingram

Executive Assistant to the Dean, School of Health Sciences and Nursing

Dr. Eunyoung Jung

Associate Professor of Education

Kathy Laoutaris

Director of Athletics | Senior Women's Administrator

Robert Lena

Operations Manager for Enrollment Services

Esther Lustig

Assistant Dean of Social Work and Social Science

Holly Magnani

Senior Director of Marketing & Communications

Melinda Magnani

Associate Director, Concordia Conservatory

Dr. Alison Matika

Assistant Professor of English

Shaquille McLetchie

Assistant Coach, Men's Soccer

Dr. Barry E. McNamara

Assistant Dean, School of Education and Professor of Education

Carly Mertens

Assistant Coach, Softball | SAAC Advisor

Kenneth Miller

Assistant Coach, Men's Basketball

Nicole Morgan

Executive Assistant to the Dean, School of Education

Dr. Mandana Nakhai

Dean and Rev. Dr. Thomas Nelson Green Endowed Chair for the School of Humanities, Dean of Fellows, Distinguished Professor of English

Shadrack Ngowi

Associate Director of IT Services, Core Hardware Systems

Tanya Noya

Associate Director of Financial Aid – Compliance

Ovan Oakley

Coordinator of Vocational Planning and First Year Advising

Albert Oquendo

Associate Director of Transfer and Adult Recruitment

Christine Peralta

Assistant Coach, Women's Soccer

Jennifer Pinto

Assistant Professor of Social Work and Director of Social Work Program

Nicholas Pohl

Director of Instructional Support and Student Experience, Impact U

Nereida Quiles-Wasserman

Director of Compliance and Title IX Coordinator

Anthony Rooney

Admissions Recruiter - First Year and Impact U

Dr. Philip Rothman

Chair of Undergraduate Business Program and Associate Professor of Business

Shanley Rowe

Senior Director for Sara Schenirer Partnership

Jeremy Roy

Assistant Coach, Baseball

Jenny Saa-Tomala

Program Coordinator Adult Education/ MBL Program

Dr. William Salva

Dean, School of Business and Professor of Business

Michael Schlabra

Executive Director of Global Initiatives & Associate Professor

Paul Schulz

Director of Facilities and Campus Services

Dr. Stephanie Squires

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor of Education

Kathleen Suss

Executive Director, Concordia Conservatory

Dr. Jason Thoms

Professor of Music and Director of Choral Activities

Arlene Torres, Esq.

Vice President of Operations and General Counsel

Gregory Torsiello

Assistant Professor and Clinical Instructor of Radiologic Technologies

Dr. Stathene Varvisotis

Assistant Professor of Graduate Education and Childhood Special Education

Gary Vega

Manager of International Student Operations

Dr. Nathalie Virgintino

Assistant Professor of English and Writing Center Director

Elizabeth Vranka

Executive Director of the OSilas Gallery & Art Studio