Nereida Quiles

Director of Admission for Adult Education

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Hometown: Manhattan, NY
High School Attended:  Bronx High School of Science
College(s) Attended:  St. John Fisher College, Education Doctorate (ABD), completing her dissertation on nontraditional students; Mercy College School of Business, MS Organizational Leadership; Lehman College, BA Economics

Favorite Movie:  The Secret
Favorite Food: Puerto Rican cooking
If I could have dinner with three famous people:  Anthony Robbins, Dalai Lama, Marianne Williamson
Favorite college course as an undergraduate: Writing Without Teachers, was about free-writing to get you into the habit of writing and breaking through writer's block.  The goal was to write what was on your mind and not edit while you write.  Then you identify your strongest points, organize, and edit.  I successfully completed a 275-page thesis for my Master's degree thanks to Mr. Elbow's advice.
Must-have item during College: A daily calendar with half-hour time slots to schedule everything I needed to complete in a day.
Favorite band/musical artists:TKA, Judy Torres... anything freestyle!
Favorite TV shows: CSI style shows
Favorite Book:  The Prophet by Kahill Gibran

Why Concordia?
The Adult Education Accelerated Degree Program at Concordia College is the only program in the NY Metro area where a busy adult can complete their degree by attending class one night a week, one course at a time, while earning full-time credits.  As a former non-traditional undergraduate student, I understand the process of choosing a college that fits your needs as an adult learner.  I also appreciate the increased need to obtain a degree in today's society, as well as the satisfaction of fulfilling a major life goal.  Concordia offers the best of everything.

Advice for prospective students:
Take action today because the sooner you start the sooner you will complete your degree! Focus on the course at hand and think about how great you will feel at graduation!  I know first-hand the responsibilities involved with a family, a career, and obtaining your education, but we all have the same 24 hours and I know you can complete your college degree.  Set goals, make a plan, and work your plan.

My favorite thing about Concordia:
The faculty and staff are here to support you and we look forward to your graduation!  I also love the beautiful and peaceful campus.