Teacher Education

We offer aspiring teachers the flexibility to choose their own path to the classroom. For a traditional B.A.in Education, a graduate teaching degree, or a degree for those called to Christian-based teaching, Concordia paves a rich and rewarding pathway.

All of Concordia’s Teacher Education programs are fully accredited. Graduates of the traditional track also qualify for an initial New York State Classroom Teaching Certificate and are ready to begin their teaching careers in public, private, or parochial schools.

Built upon a firm foundation in liberal arts and education courses, a Concordia teaching degree is also filled with field experiences that prepare you for a gratifying career. You’ll choose an area of academic concentration and one of four different tracks – all leading to the classroom.

Choices abound in these programs. Choose to focus on Early Childhood (birth–grade 2), Childhood (grades 1–6) or Middle Childhood Generalist (grades 5-9). From teaching assistant to M.S. in Education, Concordia offers students exactly what they need to be the educator they want to become.

This track prepares students to graduate with a B.A. in Education and provides special workshops and individual guidance to fully prepare students for the New York State Teacher Certification tests.

Students choosing this track earn an M.S. in Education along with special workshops and individual guidance in preparation for the New York State Teacher Certification tests. Students can complete a Bachelor's degree in Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in Childhood Special Education in five years.

For those students either seeking a Lutheran Teacher’s Diploma, Christian Education Certificate, or certification in a state other than New York. Students graduate with a B.A. in Education and can become certified in their state of employment.

This track is for those students who desire more time for study and classroom experience prior to becoming a fully certified teacher. It prepares students to graduate with a B.A. in Education Services and take the New York State Teacher Assistant test, certifying them to work as a Teacher’s Assistant in New York State.

Teacher Education Courses

Concordia’s education courses prepare students for a variety of classroom settings. Courses of interest include:

This course applies the principles of teaching in a peer group setting. Through interactive white board video-conferencing technology, web applications, and other interactive classroom experiences, students gain insight into purposeful teaching methods.

This course introduces students to the New York State Common Core, as well as principles for development of curricula, evaluation of students’ progress toward goals and objectives, and interpretation of the results of standardized tests.

Through field experience as a teacher’s aide in the classroom, teacher program applicants gain insights into the operation of the learning environments at various and appropriate grade levels. Experiences include motivation, communication, classroom management, and instructional planning.

Teacher candidates preparing for the teaching ministry of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod study the goals, objectives, content, and methods of teaching the Christian faith, as well as the special responsibilities of teachers in Lutheran schools.

Field Work Opportunities

Field experiences begin during the first year with a five-day pre-professional practicum during which candidates serve as teachers’ aides in the grade level of their choice. Prior to the student teaching semester, Concordia candidates are required to complete at least 100 additional hours of fieldwork, including experiences with students in high-needs urban settings, students with disabilities, and students with limited English proficiency.

Fieldwork and student teaching sites

Westchester County public school districts including:

Eastchester MOUNT VERNON
New Rochelle PELHAM
Scarsdale TUCKAHOE

New York parochial schools including:

Long Island Lutheran Middle and High School, Brookville OUR SAVIOR LUTHERAN, BRONX
St. Mark's Lutheran, Yonkers