Concordia’s BA in Mathematics prepares students to pursue graduate school opportunities and/or enter careers in diverse fields including data analytics, data science, statistics, actuarial science and quantitative analysis.

Students in this major develop key logical thinking skills through proof and deduction while gaining a strong mathematics foundation. At Concordia, students will obtain a broad range of knowledge about applied mathematics, abstract algebra and mathematical modeling.

Concordia students also have the opportunity to compete in the Mathematical Modeling Contest (MCM). Our student teams  have historically performed at or above the level of their Ivy League peers in this annual competition.

Sample Courses

  • Abstract Algebra
  • Differential Equations
  • Mathematical Modeling
  • Theory of Numbers

Graduates of this major will: 

  • Demonstrate knowledge of differential equations and their relation to dynamical systems
  • Employ complex reasoning to prove algebraic structures and their relation to functional analysis
  • Utilize data analysis techniques to visualize and interpret statistical findings
  • Integrate numerical, graphical, and analytical methods to model real world situations
  • Compose coherent mathematical reports and proofs