Interdisciplinary Studies

Many students today have varied interests, talents, and gifts and are often hard-pressed to narrow their college experience into one major. The Interdisciplinary Studies major is a unique program which provides students freedom, flexibility, and creativity to design their own major by combining  two or three academic Concentrations into one cohesive major.  The Signature Concentration is a self-designed collection of classes that students and their advisors choose together to create a unique and personalized education. Courses can be chosen from across the College Catalog, or from specific areas outside the Humanities.

Students gain essential skills and knowledge, including self-awareness, technological literacy, global awareness, skillful communication, scientific reasoning, cultural competence, and critical thinking skills.

Academic Concentrations within the Interdisciplinary Studies major include:

Criminal Justice, English, History, Mathematics, New Media Communications & Digital Production, Psychology, Sociology and Theology

Experiential Learning in Interdisciplinary Studies

Experiential Learning is a key part of The Concordia Experience and a dynamic component of the Interdisciplinary Studies Program. Given the freedom and flexibility of this program, students who are motivated may use a broad range of experiential learning opportunities to enhance their overall learning. Depending on the areas of study a student identifies, here are some examples of experiential learning:

  • Hospital or community clinic
  • TV Network studio
  • “City as Text” studying such topics as “Broadway and Beyond,” or “The History of Mass Transportation in New York City,” or “Wall Street and Beyond”
  • Summer archeological dig
  • Habitat for Humanity project
  • Volunteering at a local church or school

Program Courses

Possible curriculum combinations that reflect creativity, flexibility, and exploration are:

  • English and History
  • Music and Psychology
  • New Media Communications & Digital Production and English
  • Sociology and Psychology

These are just a sample of what is possible. The student decides what he or she chooses to study.