Exploring Students

Helping students find their passion.

It’s not unusual for students to be undecided about their major or even what courses to take. College, after all, is a time of self-discovery and enrichment.

The liberal arts teaching approach recognizes that many students greatly benefit from the exposure to the subjects of a core curriculum. These subjects and classes not only open eyes and open doors, but help students develop the skills and perspectives that they can apply as they focus their academic and career interests.

Concordia’s holistic approach embraces the notion of exploring your options. Just because you haven’t yet chosen a major doesn’t mean you’re uncertain. What is certain is that we embrace those on a mission of discovery. We welcome and encourage you to use the thrill of discovery to find true meaning and value in your time at Concordia.

Providing the tools to build your future.

We call it the First-Year Experience. We know there’s a lot to explore and take in during those first couple semesters. Choosing a major is often a multi-faceted process – one that involves peers, your advisor and personal insights you gain with each class, each semester.

Many first-year and transfer students are in no rush to select a major, so we give them the freedom and guidance to explore the various disciplines while meeting academic requirements. You may decide to participate in co-curricular activities. You may find a student organization or club that goes beyond sparking an interest but motivating you to select an area of study.

Concordia's First Year Seminars and Integrated Learning Courses help students discover their strengths and develop their interests. Mentoring and guidance are provided by advisors, professors and other students who are there to help you expand your horizons through experiences like on- and off-campus activities, service learning, employment and community service.

We’ll help you choose your major at Concordia College. It’s a decision you won’t have to make by yourself.