Criminal Justice

Concordia’s BA in Criminal Justice prepares students to pursue graduate school opportunities and/or enter careers in a broad spectrum including criminal justice administration, forensic investigation, counseling, corrections, juvenile justice and public welfare. 

The degree program has an interdisciplinary structure. Sociology courses will give students insight into the impact of socioeconomic class and culture. In Social Work courses, students will examine the interplay of family dynamics, social forces and social services. Through courses in psychology, students will better understand how thoughts, emotions and the brain influence human behavior. Coursework includes an internship, plus a range of recommended electives in political science and history.

The Criminal Justice major consists of the Concordia Core, the Criminal Justice Core, classes from the Social Science Core, a number of Exploration and Enrichment support courses, and a 6-credit Experiential Learning internship.  

Sample Courses

From the Concordia Core:
Probability and Statistics
World Religions
Elements of Sociology

From the Criminal Justice Core:
Race and Ethnicity
Policing in Diverse Communities
Methods of Social Research

From the Social Science Core:
Forensic Mental Health
Constitutional Law
Violence in the Family
Deviance and Social Control
Organizational Behavior

From Recommended Support Courses:
The Civil Rights Movement
Developmental Psychology
Social Class in a Changing Society
Social Problems: Poverty and Discrimination