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The faculty at Concordia are much more than just knowledgeable in their field. They are here to not only enlighten, but guide and inspire you to apply what you learn. Their credentials speak for themselves – a diverse and dynamic blend of education, research and experience. Your instructor just might become that special mentor and lifelong resource for shaping your future.

Joan Adams, ABD, M.S.W.

Professor of Social Work; Social Work Program Field Education Director

  • Call Joan

Dr. Rebecca J. Berry

Assistant Professor of Psychology

  • Call Dr. Rebecca J.

Dr. Karen Bourgeois

Dean of Health Sciences and Nursing, Associate Professor of Nursing

  • Call Karen

Dr. Whendi Cook Broderick

Assistant Professor of Psychology

  • Call Whendi

Gerald Carrino

Assistant Professor of Business

  • Call Gerald

Dr. Deborah Carter

Associate Professor of Education

  • Call Deborah

Thai Chan-Grullon

Assistant Professor, Clinical Coordinator of Radiologic Technologies Program

  • Call Thai

Dr. Robin R. Das

Chair of Sociology and Criminal Justice, Associate Professor of Sociology

  • Call Robin R.

Dr. Leah Dembitzer

Assistant Professor of Graduate and Early Childhood Education

  • Call Leah

Dr. Helene Dill, DHS, RN

Director of Nursing Program; Associate Professor of Nursing

  • Call Helene

Dr. Gary Dresser

Assistant Professor of Education, Coordinator of Educational Accreditation

  • Call Gary

Dr. Laurie DuBos

Associate Professor of Graduate and Early Childhood Education

  • Call Laurie

Kit Fitzgerald

Professor of New Media; Chair of New Media

  • Call Kit

Dr. Kathryn Galchutt

Professor of History; Chair of History; Chair of Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Call Kathryn

Elizabeth Camp Geiling, MSED, LMHC

Interim Dean, School of Humanities; Associate Professor of Psychology; Chair of Psychology

  • Call Elizabeth

Dr. Peter C. Hillman

Assistant Professor of Biology and Chemistry; Director of Fellows

  • Call Peter

Amie Hollmann

Associate Director of Creative Services; Adjunct Instructor of New Media

  • Call Amie

Rev. Dr. Joshua Hollmann

Associate Professor of Theology; Chair of Theology

  • Call Joshua

Dr. Eunyoung Jung

Associate Professor of Education

Dr. Molinda Kearns

Associate Professor of Biology; Program Director, Science

  • Call Molinda

Dr. Seong-shin Kim

Dean of the School of Education; Associate Professor of TESOL

  • Call Seong-shin

Dr. Annmarie Kornobis

Assistant Professor of Nursing

  • Call Dr. Annmarie

Dr. Susan Krauss

Associate Professor of Education; Instructional Designer

  • Call Susan

Keith Kreindler

Conservatory Department Chair; Instructor of Music

  • Call Keith

Allyn Kulk

Nursing Instructor

  • Call Allyn

Dr. E. Yong Lee

Professor of Business and Economics

  • Call E. Yong

Michael Lisbin

Assistant Professor of Biology

Esther Lustig

Assistant Dean, Social Work and Social Science; Director of Social Work Off-campus; Associate Professor of Social Work

Dr. Alison Matika

Assistant Professor of English

Dr. Joanna Maulbeck

Associate Professor of Teacher Education

  • Call Joanna

Dr. Barry E. McNamara

Associate Dean, School of Education; Professor of Education

  • Call Barry E.

Christopher Millett

Chair of Mathematics, Assistant Professor of Math

  • Call Christopher

Marcella Mulligan

Assistant Professor of Nursing

William Perrenod

Director of Library Services, Assistant Professor of Humanities

  • Call William

Johanna Perry

Director of Student Success, Assistant Professor of Humanities

  • Call Johanna

Jennifer Pinto

Assistant Professor of Social Work and Director of Social Work Program

  • Call Jennifer

Dr. Nereida Quiles-Wasserman

Director of Institutional Research, Assessment and Compliance; Title IX Coordinator; Assistant Professor of Business

  • Call Nereida

Dr. Philip Rothman

Dean of the School of Business; Professor of Business

  • Call Philip

Dr. William Salva

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dean of Accelerated Professional Studies; Professor of Business

  • Call William

Dr. Anne Marie Simmons

Associate Professor of Nursing

  • Call Anne

Daniel Sorrentino

Program Director for Radiologic Technologies, Assistant Professor of Radiology

  • Call Daniel

Susan Tighe

Assistant Professor of Nursing

  • Call Susan

Gregory Torsiello

Assistant Professor and Clinical Instructor of Radiologic Technologies

  • Call Gregory

Andrew Ubaldi

Director of Clinical Partnerships

  • Call Andrew

Dr. Stathene Varvisotis

Assistant Professor of Graduate Education and Childhood Special Education

  • Call Stathene

Dr. Nathalie Virgintino

Associate Professor of English; Chair of English; Writing Across the Curriculum Director

  • Call Dr. Nathalie

Dr. Mirian Zavala

Assistant Professor of Nursing

  • Call Mirian