M.S. Ed. in Early Childhood General/Special Education - Sample Curriculum

Below is a sample course curriculum for our M.S. Ed. in Early Childhood General/Special Education program.  This program is designed for individuals who hold their bachelor's degree in another field. Courses are subject to change.

Course Number Course Title Semester Hours
EDU 502 Foundations and Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention, and Early Childhood Special Education  3
EDU 555 Inclusive Practices,  Family Partnerships, and Differentiation in Early Childhood Education  3
EDU 521 Observing and Assessing the Young Child  3
EDU 530 Literacy Instruction for the Young Child: Multi-Sensory Approaches  3
EDU 531 Mathematics for Students with Special Needs 3
EDU 542 Arts, Play, and the Young Child  3
EDU 529 or EDU 551 Literacy Instruction for Students with Special Needs (EDU 529) or Writing Development in the Young Child  (EDU 559) 3
EDU 541 Classroom Management  2
EDU 553 Instructional and Assistive Technology 2
EDU 557 Teaching Students with Autism and Severe Disabilities  3
EDU 600 Research Seminar (Capstone) 3
EDU 510 Development of Students with Special Needs  3
EDU 528 Language, Culture and Literacy  3
EDU 525 Methods for Teaching Science and Social Studies  3
EDU 684 Student Teaching in Early Childhood and Early Childhood Special Education 6
  Total Credits 46

Additional Requirements: Professional Writing and Critical Reading Seminar (Year 1)

Additional requirements for students seeking initial certification:
Child Abuse Workshop
School Violence Workshop
DASA Workshop