M. S. in Business Leadership

Where leaders are made.

Sometimes natural-born leaders need a little help discovering their future. That’s why Concordia established the M.S. in Business Leadership program.

We equip you to inspire and develop others to achieve organizational growth. While most MBA Programs focus on the theories of management and business operation, our Master's in Business Leadership hones leadership skills so that our graduates can contribute to any organization with vision, business acumen, and passion.

Beyond studying theory, students develop the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that organizations need to succeed in today’s competitive global business setting. Your studies culminate with a capstone research project or business plan presented to a panel of faculty members and experienced business executives. Here’s where your leadership acumen is applied and evaluated in real-world context.

Above all, at the core of your leadership preparation is an emphasis on ethical principles, because a business leader trained at Concordia has a big responsibility for all those he or she leads.

Get ahead. Faster.

  • No prerequisite courses
  • Fast track to leadership – you could earn your degree in one year
  • Designed for flexibility, the curriculum features in-class and online coursework. Each eight-week course consists of five in-class sessions (Friday evenings and/or Saturdays) and three online sessions
  • No books to purchase – all textbooks are loaned free of charge
  • Comprehensive online learning and digital library access

Course offerings include:

  • Leadership of Entrepreneurial/Innovative Business Organizations
  • Non-Profit and Public Leadership and Management
  • International Leadership
  • Effective Decision Making and Communication
  • Risk Management Dimensions of Leadership
  • Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Executive Leadership and Strategic Management
  • Managerial Finance
  • Global Cultures and Business Practices
  • Research Seminars I, II & III (1 credit each)
  • Capstone Seminar