Student Success Program

Designed to parallel Concordia College’s mission to engage and nurture a diverse student body, a holistic approach effectuated in the Success Program assists students during their college experience by raising academic and personal standards of excellence. This program will challenge students to examine their purposeful goals in higher education while developing the foundational skills necessary to succeed. Developing and practicing academic skills along with attention to building a greater knowledge base will be emphasized in order to engage students’ higher order skills in critical thinking, synthesis, analysis, and problem solving.  Careful attention will be directed to ensuring that students consistently meet the satisfactory academic standards set at Concordia College. This program is open to all students who need supplemental support in order to succeed in college.

The goals of the program are to help students:

  1. Improve learning with attention to its process with guided practice and support
  2. Build reading, writing, and mathematics comprehension level and scope
  3. Set and prioritize long and short term tasks and goals
  4. Build on knowledge developed in Integrated Learning Course sequence in order to actualize individualized achievement plans germane to self-assessment of task mastery and goal realization
  5. Incorporate academic skill techniques to facilitate better note-taking, examination strategy, time and stress management.