Academic Advising

Advising programs are focused on enabling students to take ownership of their education objectives through the development and achievement of an Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP). Advisors for first-year students are members of the Freshman Seminar teaching team. In addition to assisting new freshmen in becoming acclimated to college life, these advisors help students plan to complete The Concordia Distinctive and to understand the options they have as they further engage The Concordia Experience. During the spring semester of their first year, students are “handed off” to an academic advisor who is a faculty member in their chosen major. Transfer students are assigned an academic advisor based on their intended major at the time of enrollment.

All advisors participate in monitoring the academic progress of their advisees. In addition to ongoing individual contacts, two processes conducted each semester directly involve advisors. At mid-semester, over 80% of the faculty participate in sending Academic Progress Notices designed to inform students where they stand in a course, especially when performance is less than satisfactory. Students, advisors, and the Dean of Students receive a copy of this notice, and strategies for improvement are developed accordingly. At the end of each semester, the Academic Review process involves advisors to assist students who were placed on probation or who had a sub-par semester to develop plans to improve progress.