Where Worlds Engage

Here at the college Where Worlds Meet, we value the power of civil discourse. Engaged in meaningful conversation across the boundaries of difference, Concordia is at its best.

U.S.-China Trade relations in the Age of Disruption and Coronavirus March 11, 2020 Concordia College, Bronxville, NY Scott B. MacDonald, Ph.D. One of the main worries of any...

Thank you President Nunes, thank you faculty. I should confess to my fellow students. First of all, go Concordia! Now that I’m a graduate along with you, or a degree ho...

Good morning! Happy Friday! Today is the last day of our conversations on Free Will, the theme for this week's Morning Reflection. The complex relationship between free will and fate continues to fascinate and tantalize us across the boundaries of culture and faith.

As we gather here to celebrate the induction of Dr. Mandana Nakhai into the Rev. Dr Thomas N. Green Chair, and specifically into her role as Dean of the School of Humanities, it seems appropriate to begin with a question — what is this thing we call the “humanities” and how does it fit within the liberal arts tradition?

Truly an honor to be here today to celebrate this wonderful milestone with you all. It is always a pleasure to visit the Concordia campus, a place where grand ideas like passion, purpose and service are embodied, and interact with all the wonderful people who reflect those stellar values.

Dear graduates, family, friends, Dr. Nunes, faculty and staff: I am proud and humbled to receive this award. I graduated from this school many years ago to prepare to be a Lutheran minister; I got that foundational education here and much more.

Thank you and good evening. It is an honor to come here, to Concordia. This is a great school with sound scholarship, a spiritual tradition, and passionate, outstanding students. Your emphasis on individual responsibility, the liberal arts, science and public service makes Concordia an exciting, inspirational seat of learning.