2017 Concordia New York Mission & Values

Video Transcript

Concordia College New York.

Is a Christian higher education community of learning.

Where mutual respect flourishes.

Responsibility is developed.

And reverence for God is cultivated.

So that students can pursue lives.

Of passion, purpose, and service.


We're anchored in a living Lutheran heritage.

As we strive to follow Jesus Christ.

We express this identity with an ethics-infused curriculum.

And a faith informed community life.


As an academic community, we embrace hospitality.

Civility and respectful dialogue across differences.

As an academic institution.

We are committed to intellectual rigor.

As well as co-curricular and pedagogical experiences that are.

Personalized, enduring, and actionable.


Our community reflects diversity.

As we reach out with a globally engaging worldview.

Capitalizing on the international destination.

That is the classroom of Metropolitan New York City.

Providing access to networks of vocational success.

Full human flourishing becomes a possibility for our students, their families, and the world.


We embrace technological innovation.

In our dynamic environment, we adopt our educational and business models.

In a matter that is responsive to the needs of our students.


We reinforce the formation of identity.

Leadership, integrity, and collaboration.

So that students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

May realize God's calling in every life they touch.

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