Planning and Assessment Information & Resources


Two College committees help support academic and administrative planning and assessment, the Concordia College-New York Academic Assessment Committee (AAC) and the Continuing Quality Improvement Committee (CQIC), respectively. 

The Academic Assessment Committee is led by the Chief Academic Officer and Director of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Compliance (OIRAC), and is comprised of one faculty representative from each academic program and one student. Members of the Academic Assessment Committee act as liaisons between the OIRAC and the academic programs.  The Assessment Committee also plays an important role in the program and course evaluation process. 

Program assessment is an ongoing and year-round process that insures our ongoing commitment to our students and compliance with accreditation requirements and Middles States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE) Standards, and especially Standard V - Educational Effectiveness Assessment, “Assessment of student learning and achievement demonstrates that the institution’s students have accomplished educational goals consistent with their program of study, degree level, the institution’s mission, and appropriate expectations for institutions of higher education.”

Concordia utilizes assessment results to

  • insure effective assessments of student learning and institutional effectiveness, 
  • make improvements and to inform plans and resource allocations,
  • design effective curricula,
  • develop evidence-informed strategies to improve student learning and success.

The documents below are the templates we use for program assessment

The CQIC acts in a similar role for non-academic planning and assessment initiatives, where members represent each of our administrative offices as well as one member who represents faculty and two students.