Faculty and Staff Donations Create New Food Pantry and Career Closet for Students

Faculty and Staff Donations Create New Food Pantry and Career Closet for Students

Concordia’s staff and faculty decided that Giving Tuesday 2019 would be the perfect opportunity to give to the people who matter most at Concordia College: students. This week saw the opening of two new initiatives made possible by the outpouring of items donated that day, the Concordia Food Pantry and the Concordia Career Closet.

Food insecurity is an issue on every college campus, including Concordia’s. Surveys indicate that across America, food insecurity affects fully one third of college students, and many campuses are taking steps to alleviate that need. The Concordia Food Pantry is not only stocked with an appealing variety of non-perishable food items, but includes a range of basic toiletries as well. Students are encouraged to take items as needed, or donate if they are able.

The Concordia Career Closet joins the suite of programs, services and supports offered through Concordia’s Career Exploration Center. Building a professional wardrobe takes time and resources – both in short supply among students – and feeling underdressed can inject additional anxiety into interviews and other career-related opportunities. The Career Closet is filled with carefully curated, freshly dry-cleaned (thanks to the generous support of Edward Park, owner of Saveway Cleaners Eastchester), professionally appropriate clothing and accessories in various sizes and styles. The items are checked out, worn and returned, then cleaned and restocked. The Career Closet allows Concordia students to feel as confident in their appearance as they are in their qualifications.

Shelving for the space that holds both initiatives was given anonymously in honor of Dr. Robert Meier, a Concordia professor of mathematics and computers who was known for embracing and promoting technology in his mission to prepare Concordia’s students for the future.

Donations will be gratefully accepted on an ongoing basis. Cash donations can be made through the Food Pantry/Career Closet fund. To donate non-cash items, please contact Director of Advancement and Alumni Relations Lois Montorio.