For the Grizzles, Concordia College is All in the Family

For the Grizzles, Concordia College is All in the Family

Concordia College feels like home for many students, but for junior Nina Grizzle, that sense of home includes running into her aunt and uncle on campus. When Nina graduates, she, her aunt and her uncle will have earned six Concordia College degrees between them.

Nina’s first experience with Concordia was at commencement ceremonies for her aunt Camille Grizzle in 2016, where the rows of graduates on a cherry blossom-lined quad was a sight she never forgot. Though born in Bronxville, Nina was raised in Georgia, but visited her aunt and uncle in Mount Vernon yearly.

As a high school senior touring the large state school to which she had been accepted, Nina had a feeling it was too big for her. “I’m a family person and when I came to tour Concordia, it felt like family. I saw Rippe Hall on my tour and that’s where I ended up living my freshman year. I was nervous on move-in day, but then I met President Nunes and found out he has a Jamaican background just as my family does.”

While Nina was navigating freshman year, her aunt and uncle were furthering their own educations at Concordia. Camille earned her MS in Business Leadership, while Nina’s uncle Fred Murriel studied Business Administration in Concordia’s Accelerated Degree Program. Now Fred (who works for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations) is earning his own MS in Business Leadership, while Camille (in addition to her job as operations manager for the lung transplant program at New York Presbyterian) is an adjunct professor in the Accelerated Degree Program.

Nina is a leader on Concordia’s campus, where she works in the Student Experience office and is an RA in Bohm Hall in addition to working toward her 5-year BA/MS in Early Childhood Education. “It’s great to have my aunt and uncle so close. I feel like I’ve made my own mark at Concordia, but I get to have lunch with my uncle, too! I’ve grown to love New York, and I love the people at Concordia. They make you feel it’s home. Faculty and staff want to see you grow, and they push you to do that – just like family.”