SGA President Chris Knepper Has His Summer Job Lined Up

SGA President Chris Knepper Has His Summer Job Lined Up

Sophomore Chris Knepper has a lot on his plate: the pre-seminary student carries a Fellows (honors) course load, is President of the Student Government Association, a member of both Concordia’s Spiritual Life and Green teams, and works on campus as a driver, an RA, and tutor in the Writing Center. One thing he can check off his list, however, is finding a summer job.  

The Texas native will be back home in the Dallas suburbs, working at his home church, Zion Lutheran. Chris will assist with liturgy on Sundays and minister to home-bound members during the week. He is pictured here working at Zion over Christmas break, with Concordia College New York Regent James Jahnke (L) and Rev. Yohannes Mengsteab (R), a 1987 Concordia graduate who serves the Texas District as Mission and Ministry Facilitator, and leads Eritrean Services at Zion Lutheran.  

Chris reports that he will be the “ninth or tenth” generation Lutheran pastor in his family. After some early resistance to his family legacy, Chris’s vocation is something he’s grown quite sure of, even more so as he continues his studies. He spent last summer doing missionary work in West Virginia.

Coming to New York for college was definitely not on Chris’s radar. That changed when he was personally recruited by President John A. Nunes, who came to preach at Zion Lutheran. The unlikely match has been a good one, both for the College where Chris contributes so much, and for Chris himself.

“Studying at Concordia has given me the training and experience I need to feel prepared to serve not only the church, but all the world. Experiencing a microcosm of the world in a small and intimate environment has not only stretched me academically, but spiritually as well. We have the unique opportunity here to cross borders and boundaries of many different schools of thought, all while learning how to not compromise our own individual beliefs. I firmly believe any individual who intends on a career in church work, specifically in the Lutheran Church, must spend time at Concordia College New York. There is simply no place on earth that can compete with Concordia's rich, thriving, diverse community."