Ellen and Pierre de Saint Phalle to be Honored at Concordia College’s 37th Annual Community Dinner

Ellen and Pierre de Saint Phalle to be Honored at Concordia College’s 37th Annual Community Dinner

Concordia College New York has announced that Bronxville residents Pierre and Ellen de Saint Phalle will receive the President’s Award for Excellence in Service to the Community at the college’s 37th annual Community Dinner on Thursday, November 8, 2018, to be held in Sommer Center. 

Residents of Bronxville for twenty-four years, Ellen and Pierre have served the community in numerous and meaningful ways. Pierre was elected to the Bronxville Board of Education, serving two terms from 2006-2012. He also was on the Bronxville School Foundation for six years as a board member, executive committee member and, in his last year, president. He was also a member of Davidson College’s parents committee. He currently serves as a trustee of the Quogue Public Library. A graduate of Trinity College and Columbia School of Law, Pierre recently retired from Promontory Financial Group, but continues to work as a Senior Consultant, advising financial institutions on governance and compliance risk management.

Ellen, a poetry advocate, helped to organize six annual poetry readings and contests as a member of the Friends of the Bronxville Public Library. She introduced Poetry Out Loud, a national poetry recitation contest, to the Bronxville High School. Recently she worked as program coordinator of the John and Penny Barr Poetry Reading Series at Sarah Lawrence College. Ellen also served on the Bronxville Board of Education from 2000-2004. She has been a member of the Friends of Sarah Lawrence College Library, the Bronxville Village Green Committee and the Bronxville Rotary. Currently she is chair of publicity and marketing for The Bronxville Historical Conservancy. A graduate of Wellesley College, Ellen earned her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College. She was Director of Community Relations at Concordia for five years.

Ellen and Pierre are the proud parents of four adult children, all graduates of the Bronxville Public Schools. “We were very fortunate to raise our children in Bronxville” said Ellen, “Volunteering at the school immersed us in the community. We learned so much from the many talented people in this community and have made great friends working in different volunteer organizations.” Pierre added, “Bronxville’s size means that service really makes a difference here.”

Ellen and Pierre stated they are honored to be the 2018 recipients of the Concordia President’s Award for Excellence in Service. “As a neighbor, friend and former employee,” said Ellen, “no place values community more than Concordia College.” Pierre added, “Anytime Bronxville schools asked the college for help, Concordia has given it.” 

Rev. Dr. John A. Nunes, President of Concordia College said: “Ellen and Pierre show us the meaning of community every day, so we will be delighted to honor their exemplary service when we bring together friends and neighbors in our annual celebration of community.”