In Remembrance of George M. Yeager, Concordia College Friend and Benefactor

In Remembrance of George M. Yeager,  Concordia College Friend and Benefactor

George M. Yeager, former president of Yeager, Wood and Marshall, Inc., a financial services firm and longtime friend and benefactor to Concordia College, passed away on December 31st, 2017.

Concordia’s Yeager Room, on the second floor of the college’s Scheele Library, stands as a permanent legacy of the generosity of George Yeager and his late wife Barbara. The strikingly beautiful conference room was underwritten by the couple in 2006. Within the conference room is Mr. Yeager’s other spectacular gift to the college: a superb collection of notable autograph material by America’s business people, financiers and wealth creators, acquired with great knowledge and care over 45 years. Mr. Yeager’s deep interest in wealth creation and the realm of ideas inspired him to collect. Through this exceptional gift, he hoped to inspire future generations of inventors, business developers and entrepreneurs – both in the wider community, and here at Concordia, where scholarly pursuits are so highly valued.

The Yeager Collection, on permanent exhibition in the Yeager Room, is a fascinating look at America’s entrepreneurial spirit from the 18th century on. “Our research indicates that this is the most inclusive collection of the one hundred wealthiest Americans born before World War I available anywhere,” noted Jayne Warman, the internationally known art historian who curated the collection. Scott A. Winslow, a leading authority on business and financial autograph material, has called the Yeager Collection “unquestionably the best assemblage of its kind on public display.” Among many items of great rarity and interest are a real estate deed signed by Benjamin Franklin, a specially printed menu from Delmonico’s Restaurant signed by Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, and letters from Andrew Carnegie, John Jacob Astor and Jay Gould.

Concordia College is deeply grateful for George Yeager’s friendship and generosity, and pleased that his memory will live on through the inspiration he has provided for generations to come.