Learn More about Concordia's New Mission and Values

Learn More about Concordia's New Mission and Values

RE: The Purpose Clause in the Cause Called Concordia

As the Chair of the Board of Board of Regents and the President of Concordia College New York, we have had the honor to work collaboratively on Concordia’s bright future.

We are passionately committed to the cause of Christian higher education that has inspired faithful faculty and generous people of faith to build this house of learning since 1881. Nisi Dominus frustra is our motto. Based on Psalm 127, it describes the divine impulse that moved generations to labor and sacrifice much for the cause called Concordia. 

Concordia’s core mission remains unchangingly anchored. From time-to-time, however, we must restate our focus using new language that is more responsive to our contemporary environment, developed by a committee of students, faculty, staff, community members, partners, and Regents.

Our new Mission and Values statements unabashedly embrace our educational cause for the sake of the lives and the livelihoods of our students, who are the subject of the final clause in our Mission statement.

  • In a world of bitter and violent divisions, where people struggle to deal with differences, Concordia is a community of learning where mutual respect flourishes. 
  • In a world where many neglect their duty toward others, forsake their stewardship of the environment and ignore the history that makes Western civilization both resilient and pluralistic, Concordia’s classrooms are a place where responsibility for self, for the Creation and for our venerable heritage is developed. 
  • In a world that often misunderstands the purpose of life: devaluing the worth of others, using power to oppress rather than lift up, recklessly pursuing material things as if they could provide meaning in life, Concordia is unapologetically insistent that there is much more to our existence on Earth. We cultivate reverence for a God who loves and values every person. 

The conclusion of the Mission Statement ends with a purpose clause. This final phrase answers the most critical question: Why does Concordia exist? …“so that students can pursue lives of passion, purpose and service.”  That’s the purpose clause in our purposeful cause! 

We are an institution of quality education that is delivered innovatively to a diverse community of students who live out their calling (vocation) with mutual respect, a sense of responsibility and reverence for God.

We welcome you to spend time reviewing our new Mission and Values statements.

Thank you for your support and prayers,

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Michael J. Meese, Ph.D. | Chair, Board of Regents                           

Rev. John A. Nunes, Ph.D | President, Concordia College New York