Concordia's M.S. in International Education Program Now Accepting Applications for this Fall

Concordia's M.S. in International Education Program Now Accepting Applications for this Fall

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, Concordia’s robust teacher education programs will expand to include a graduate degree with a distinctly global perspective: a new M.S. in International Education. 

The new program’s rich and multidisciplinary curriculum is informed by Concordia’s core values and infused with what makes the school so unique: preparing students to make a positive global impact, fostering cultural sensitivity and appreciation of diversity, and emphasizing practical competencies and a real understanding around issues of equity and social justice. 

Students who complete the 33-credit degree will be well-positioned to enter a diverse range of careers in today’s globally-focused job market. These include:

• Teachers and school leaders working with multicultural, diverse populations
• Teachers and school leaders working overseas
• Representatives of NGOs and IGOs that focus on child and family well-being and children’s rights
• School curriculum developers seeking a global perspective
• Educational policy makers
• Researchers interested in education, children’s rights and global perspectives
• Social justice organizations 

The program’s core curriculum guides students to understand and evaluate the histories and roles of education within and across societies, while also taking an introspective look at their own cultural framework. Concentration options include Curriculum and Instruction, The Christian Educator and Leadership to allow for optimal growth and specialization. Each student will also complete a capstone research seminar.  

Heading up the program is Dr. Joanna Maulbeck, Assistant Professor of Education, who says, "The M.S. in International Education fosters an interdisciplinary and culturally sensitive approach to education, positioning students to learn about international philosophies and practices while evaluating their own. Through this, students are empowered – and prepared to empower others – as agents of social justice in a complex, interdependent global landscape." 

To learn more about the program, please contact: 

Dr. Joanna Maulbeck
Assistant Professor of Education
Concordia College New York

Kelly A. McDonnell
Senior Admissions Recruiter for Graduate Students
Concordia College New York