Dialogues on the Quad 2019

October 24

All-Day Event

Dialogues on the Quad 2019
The Conversation Continues...

Panel discussions based around meaningful topics for the twenty-first century


The panel will address the similarities and differences between Fake News and plain old lies. The conversation will focus on how to identify trustworthy information in general and specifically the importance empirical truths and shared facts have in sustaining a healthy democracy.  Highlighting the history of fake news and how to combat it will bookend the discussion.


The panel will discuss how death has been dealt with historically and across cultures. How is death being addressed in the twenty-first century? How does it enter (or not) into public discourse? Conversations will center on the impact the knowledge of mortality has on religion, philosophy, law, music, and love.


This panel’s discussion will discuss crime and punishment.  Focusing on social and cultural interpretations of sin and the context in which punishment is used, the panel will exchange ideas concerned with: balancing sin and forgiveness, the effectiveness of punishment, and how punishment has changed. The panel will also explore how long one should be associated with a past sin.


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