Concordia Summer Camp is very proud of its impeccable safety record. Along with the effort that we put into designing creative, imaginative, fun and challenging programs, we double that effort when it comes to safety, because Safety Is First!

Program Campers Teachers Ratio
Enrichment Program Early Childhood 15 3 5:1
Enrichment Program Grades 1–9 20 2 10:1
Sports Program Early Childhood 10 2 5:1
Sports Program Grades 1–8 16 2 8:1

 The following procedures are in place for the safety of all campers:

  • Concordia Summer Camp is certified by the New York State and the Westchester County Departments of Health.
  • Annual safety review of our drop-off and pick-up procedures is conducted.
  • Annual safety training for all teachers/counselors is conducted.
  • Yellow school bus transportation is provided, driven by certified bus drivers for bowling.
  • Assistant Sports Director & Counselors accompany campers on the bus to bowling.
  • Campers are escorted by counselors or teachers when changing classes, changing programs, going to and from lunch and at the end of the daily program pick-up.
  • We ensure the safety of all materials used in classes.
  • We ensure the safety of all sports equipment and playground equipment used.
  • Security oversees the safety of campus grounds and buildings.
  • Background checks are made for all staff including directors, teachers, counselors, and CITs.
  • Fire Drills and Safety Drills are conducted.