Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) of Concordia College is the web that ties together students, faculty and staff.  SGA promotes general welfare, fosters communal unity, and helps maintain an atmosphere of Christian fellowship among all members of the Concordia community.  The SGA serves the needs of the student community, by maintaining justice and supporting all organized student endeavors, groups and activities.

The SGA sponsors at least two open forums per year, which are designed to offer all students an opportunity to receive information, express their concerns and offer suggestions for the improvement of the College. These forums are open to all students and serve as a way for the SGA to better understand the issues concerning the student body, and provide direction for future SGA endeavors.

The SGA is a member of the Association of Students in Higher Education (ASHE).  ASHE members are comprised of the ten Concordia Colleges and Universities throughout the United States, also known as the Concordia University System.