Welcome to Concordia College!

Orientation at Concordia

  •  •       Prepares new students for a transition into college life.
     •       Encourages new students to become acclimated with campus, classmates and professors.
     •       Helps new students make valuable connections that allows for personal, social, academic,                            vocational and spiritual growth.
     •       Connects new students with important campus resources and offices.
     •       Inspires new students to set goals and take initiative for success.
     •       Establishes a sense of community, service and our mission.

Upcoming Orientation dates

 - June 11, 2016
 - July 16, 2016

Access Textbook Information for spring 2016 Semester Today!

Access textbook information for your respective courses by using the Banner Class Search option on Self-Service then follow the steps below.

1. Enter "Spring 2016" in the drop down menu and click "Submit"
2. Enter subject and click "Class Search"
3. Click "See books"

Please purchase your books from the vendor(s) of your choice.
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