Meet Our Students

Meet our studentsThere’s no such thing as a typical Concordia student. In fact, we think each of our students is extraordinary. They arrive at Concordia College with a unique set of hopes, dreams, viewpoints, and life experiences.

Then something amazing happens. Bonds are made between students and faculty who form mentoring relationships, minds are opened, friendships grow that are life-lasting—and a true community in every sense of the word emerges.

College is the once-in-a-lifetime experience where you have the opportunity to share a community with people from around the country and the world. As a result, you’ll be immersed in a true melting pot of culture, thought, and experience. This is the kind of community that will enrich and empower your academic and life experience. And, Concordia is the kind of college where relationships happen easily, where everybody fits in, and where you can become part of something much larger than yourself.

Concordia Student Statistics:

Total Enrollment: Approximately 1157 students

From the U.S.: 30 states

From Abroad: 31 countries

Student Finances: More than 90% receive financial aid

Students-on-Campus: Approximately 60% of  Concordia students live on campus

Student/Faculty Ratio: 14:1

Where Upper-Level Students Live: Historic residences in our neighborhood

Student Hot Spots: Your best friend’s residence hall room, that big black leather chair in the library, the Brickyard, Schoenfeld game room and lounge, Chapel, and The Commons

Favorite Events: Ongoing Homeless Runs; Midnight Pancake Stress Break; the Talent Show; Campus Coffee House & Open Mic Night, Homecoming Parade

Typical Involvement: Residence Assistant; soprano in Cantate Choir; lead role in a Concordia Players’ production; fullback for soccer; yearbook photographer; blood drive coordinator; intramural dodgeball champ

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