Clubs and Organizations

Get Involved!

At Concordia, your opportunities are endless!  Explore these existing clubs, or create a club of your own to contribute to the diverse Concordia environment!

Alpha Mu Gamma
Alpha Mu Gamma is the national collegiate foreign language honor society of the United States, founded in 1931.  More than 300 charters have been granted to chapters in the United States.  Chapters are found both in state and private universities and in public and private two-and four-year colleges.

Alpha Sigma Chi
This is an all-female organization designed to promote unity and sisterhood. The sorority organizes activities on campus that raise awareness of today's issues and promotes a communal spirit for the entire campus. This is an organization where long-lasting friendships are formed, cherished, and kept.

The Arcade, Concordia's yearbook, captures the spirit of the College through its pictures and captions. A student staff produces this annual composite of campus life.

Biology Club
The vision of this organization is to help club members understand biological sciences at a deeper level.  Their goals range from stirring interest in those who are curious about science and/or biological professions to helping ensure biology students are prepared to enter graduate school or the work force when the graduate from Concordia.

Campus Christian Ministries
This is a group of students who creates opportunities to raise spirituality among themselves and the campus community. The group sponsors Bible studies, student-led worship services, prayer chains, and spiritual retreats. People with a love for the Lord and a desire to serve Him in a multitude of ways are welcomed.

The Concordia College Cheerleaders perform at half-time for all home Clippers and Lady Clippers basketball games, during Homecoming Weekend in the fall, and at various other events throughout the year.

Cinephiles Movie Club
The Cinephiles is a club for anyone who understands that stories have the potential to change ideas, emotions, and lives. This club is dedicated to learning about the artistic and cultural significance of films that have been critically-acclaimed. It is specifically for students who have a passion for films and appreciate their cultural/social significance.

Tour Choir
The Concordia Tour Choir travels throughout the United States and periodically through Europe. Ordinarily, the choir rehearses Monday through Wednesday, 4:30 to 6:00pm. Membership is selected from those who audition at the beginning of the year.

Festival Choir
The Festival Choir usually performs on campus in December and in April. In years past, works have included Bach's St. Matthew Passion, Handel's Messiah, and John Rutter's Magnificat. The choir rehearses weekly on Thursday. Membership includes those who sing with the Concordia Tour Choir and those selected by audition at the beginning of the year.

Chapel Choir
The Concordia Chapel Choir sings regularly for morning worship and for special services. Choir repertoire is drawn from the full spectrum of sacred literature. Membership includes students, faculty, and staff on the basis of both audition and invitation. Ability to sight-read is highly desirable.

Gospel Choir – Concordia Gospel Knights
The Gospel Choir’s mission is to minister through powerful, passionate, and exciting song. The Club provides inspiration to neighboring churches and serves as a source of inspiration to members of the Concordia College community by creating an environment conducive to spiritual growth and bringing all together under God.

Christian Spoken Word
Christian Spoken Word is a club that glorifies God through poetry. Members enjoy developing their poetic skills through writing original poems and then presenting them to the group and student body at poetry slams. Although the main focus of the group is writing poetry, we also practice music and dance as well as study and read the Bible.

Commuter Council
The Commuter Council is an organization that helps to keep commuters connected to campus.  By collaborating with the Student Life Office and the Student Government Association, the Commuter Council acts on behalf of commuter students, representing them by voicing their concerns and ideas.  The Commuter Council also aims to create a social environment through which commuters can meet other students.

Delta Omega Pi
Delta Omega Pi is a fraternal organization which seeks to nurture the academic, social, physical, and emotional lives of its members. Fraternity programs and activities are planned for the benefit and progress of the community, the College campus, and the brothers of Delta Omega Pi. This organization is open to all male students of Concordia College.

Hug Nation
Hug Nation is a club designed to spread love and optimism on campus and its goal is to model a home away from home for the student body. Hug Nation strives to spread joy throughout campus by hosting fun activities like the well-known Hug Nation t-shirt day. The motto the club has come to be known by is "Free Hugs and Free Smiles... Hug Nation!"

International Club
This diverse group of students is interested in learning about other cultures through a variety of activities, including social gatherings on- and off-campus, "conversation partners", and the international potluck dinner.

Kappa Delta Pi
Kappa Delta Pi is the International Honor Society in Education established to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching. Its mission is to sustain an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service.

Multicultural Club
This club promotes unity among diverse cultures through integrated awareness of one another. Past activities include talent shows, international dinners, an opera concert, gospel choir, fashion shows, and various festivals.

Music and Talent Club
The Music and Talent Club welcomes all students of Concordia to come together and share their creative, artistic and musical talents. The club also welcomes people who are looking to meet other students. The club members put together a presentation for fellow club members every month. The club is open to all undergraduate students of Concordia that have a love and appreciation for all varities of music and talents within the Concordia community.

National Student Nurses’ Association
With a membership of approximately 50,000 nationwide, the National Student Nurses' Association mentors the professional development of future nurses and facilitates their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, leadership opportunities, and career guidance. For more information, visit the Association’s website at

Nursing National Honor Society
The Nursing National Honor Society’s goal is to strengthen the commitment to the ideals and purposes of the nursing profession by fostering high professional standards.  Students of this organization demonstrate superior achievement in leadership, academics and professionalism.

Omega Psi Eta
Omega Psi Eta is a Greek organization that was newly founded at Concordia. This organization was founded on the principles of brotherhood, scholarship and unity. The brothers of this organization are highly interactive with the Concordia community through various leadership roles held onc ampus as well as service projects and social events. This fraternity is open to all undergraduate male students of the college.

Psychology Club
The Psychology Club is full of exciting and mind teasing discussions!  The club brings together any student who has a passion for or an interest in psychology.  The club is also used as a resource for possible internship and career paths in the field of psychology.

Social Work Club
The Social Work Club engages in issue-focused, campus-wide activities (seminars, discussion groups, field/agency visits) in areas such as the developmentally disabled, child abuse, battering, alcoholism, and drug dependency. Occasional events are planned with neighboring college social work programs. Club activities enhance preparations for social work practice and personal growth.

Student Activities Committee
The Student Activities Committee plans and organizes many campus social events. Students interested in developing and executing successful activities are welcome to join.

Theta Zeta Upsilon
Theta is one of two sororities on Concordia's campus and is a place where women can express themselves.  Many sisters come from far away and do not have the chance to go home every weekend, so Theta is their at-school family.  Theta is a chance for sisters to grow.