Campus Services

Statement of Philosophy

Concordia has described itself in this way: "We are in the people-building business...building people for the challenges which face them in the 21st century...building people for greater service" in God’s kingdom. Concordia concentrates on building "whole" men and women by focusing on student development of not only the intellectual self but also the emotional, physical, cultural and spiritual self.

The goals of Student Services are therefore to promote and encourage in each student:

  1. A positive and realistic self-appraisal;
  2. Intellectual growth;
  3. Appropriate personal and occupational choices
  4. Development of and commitment to values in the Christian tradition;
  5. Physical fitness and health issue awareness;
  6. The ability to relate meaningfully to others;
  7. The capacity to engage in a personally satisfying and effective style of living;
  8. The capacity to appreciate cultural and aesthetic differences; and
  9. The ability to work independently and interdependently.