International Community

Students from all over the World together on the Quad

Concordia has built an opportunity for all students to broaden their view of the world by providing an international dimension through the curriculum and composition of the student body. The College actively promotes international cultural and educational interchange.

The Director of International Student Program and Services, the International Student Advisor, the Vice President for Student Development, and Dean of Students advise international students and are available in matters related to government regulations, U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), housing, employment, academic, athletic, and personal matters.

Each year, Concordia College welcomes students from around the world to live and study in a true mosaic of culture and viewpoints. Time after time, our students say that one of the things they value most about being at Concordia is the opportunity to live in a diverse environment—and how this increases their respect for both the differences and similarities of people and cultures.

Concordia students come from more than 30 states and 31 countries worldwide. Student organizations such as the Multi-Cultural Club and the International Club support and celebrate diversity on campus through student activities such as dinners, dances, fashion shows, and service and outreach programs.

International Student Services

If you’re an international student interested in applying to Concordia, you’ll discover a strong network of services that will help you through the international student admissions process, including government regulations and Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS). Once you arrive on campus, you’ll have access to many resources dedicated to international students, including the International Student Advisor, Vice President for Student Development, Dean of Students, and Director of International Center for English as a Second Language, who will help with matters such as housing, academic and personal matters.