Counseling Services

Director of Counseling with Student

Counseling Services are available to students who may be feeling overwhelmed, stressed or confused by the many choices and decisions they have to make in adjusting to college life.

By talking to a professional counselor who is objective, caring and knowledgeable, students can get help learning new coping skills, ways to reduce feelings of anxiety and increase self-awareness so that they are better able to take advantage of the many opportunities Concordia has to offer. Counseling is confidential and services are provided free of charge.

The Counseling Center is located in the lower level of Sieker Hall and is open Monday through Friday. Hours are posted as well as direction on where to go for help when the center is closed.

For more information, please stop in to The Counseling Center or contact Marilyn Ames via e-mail or at 914-337-9300 x2144.