Worship Opportunities

Christian spirituality is rooted in the transforming presence of Christ among his people in Word and Sacrament. Every weekday at 10:30am, we gather to celebrate God's grace and to encourage and challenge one another to faith-filled living.

On Wednesdays, the Concordia community gathers for the Eucharist. In 20 minutes we share in the same pattern of worship and rhythm of the Church year that guides Christian communities around the world.

On the other days of the week, Chapel is a devotional time marked by the Word of God and prayer. Over the years, you will have the chance to reflect on most of the scriptures.

Leadership at chapel is as diverse as the campus: students join the faculty and staff in planning and leading our services. Periodically, leaders from missions and ministries in the New York metropolitan area also enrich our worship. Each person brings their own personality to their role in chapel—from formal to folksy,  from contemplative to contemporary. And all are received for what they are...a gift from God.

Of course, worship is not limited to the chapel program.  Students frequently plan and lead "night chapel," times of prayer and praise that fit a student schedule and lifestyle.  Several different groups on campus meet each week for bible study, prayer, and song.  Many students organize bible studies and small group ministries within their dorms. Taken together, these opportunities offer a wide range of resources to support you on your spiritual journey.