Music At Concordia

The Concordia College-New York Music Department has over 100 years of history.  The first choir performance by a Concordia Choir happened in October of 1912 at Carnegie Hall.  The Concordia Choir was created to participate in the annual Reformation Worship Service at Carnegie Hall, and has continued ever since.

The Music Department offers a wide variety of Music Courses, Applied Music Lessons, and Music Ensembles:

  • Students interested in working towards a degree in Music can chose the Liberal Studies as their Program and chose either only Music courses, or combine Music with another Liberal Studies Area like Art, Religion, History, Math, New Media, English or Psychology.  Many of the Music courses offered at Concordia are the same courses found at other colleges and universities.  We offer Music Theory, Ear-Training and Sight-Singing, Music History and Conducting.  Please contact Treva Foss for more information.

  • Students interested in taking Applied Music Lessons can take lessons in many different instruments.  We have highly-trained and experienced teachers who can teach you if you are a beginner at that instrument or have studied for years.  Please contact Treva Foss for more information.

  • Students interested Music Ensembles have a number of choices.  Please click here  for more information.  You can also contact Jason Thoms for more information.