Spiritual Life

A Spirit of Diversity

At Concordia College, you’ll find not only diversity of cultures, but of religious traditions as well. Our student body includes Lutherans, Roman Catholics, and a substantial presence of the world religions. You’ll experience this diversity of spirit in your interaction with fellow students, faculty and staff, and in our daily chapel services and academic classes as we discover together who Jesus is and why he matters.

A Spirit of Expression

Your spiritual journey is an integral part of daily life at Concordia. You'll have countless opportunities to explore and deepen your faith through daily chapel, small group ministries, service learning trips and experiences, academic courses, Bible studies and theological forums, and much more. At whatever point you are along your spiritual path, we're here to help guide you.

A Spirit of Exploration

You’ll be encouraged and supported in your journey of faith through daily chapel and networks of friends and other students looking to discover more about the importance of God in our college life together. 

Ressmeyer Hall is the student ministry center for the College. Student leaders reside at the house and lead Campus Christian Ministries (CCM), an active, Christ-centered community of students. CCM organizes an array of events each year for the college and surrounding communities, and students have ample opportunities to engage in ministry and service through CCM.