Spiritual Life

The beliefs of the Christian faith and the teachings of the Lutheran Church are the foundation and guiding principles for campus life. Concordia College fosters Christian living and encourages students to commit their lives to the service of God and humankind in the vocations of their choice. While Concordia is a Lutheran school, students of all faiths attend and are welcome here.

The spiritual side of Concordia has something for everyone— from student-led Bible studies and devotions to mission outreach programs, service learning opportunities, and musical performance groups. Activities organized by student committees provide opportunities for both religious and community service.

Students have the freedom to participate in daily chapel services, a time for the campus community to unite for prayer and reflection. Sunday worship in neighboring churches and a regularly scheduled on-campus contemporary service provide means for spiritual growth.

Additionally, Campus Christian Ministries is active in planning service volunteer opportunities for all members of the campus community.