Our Math Team Shines at 2017 International Math Contest

April 11, 2017

We are so proud of our hard-working Math students for their stellar performance at the 2017 International Contest in Mathematical Modeling! Team 56941 Captain Elijah McGruder, Hyung Gun Lee, and Larry Sokarya, achieved Honorable Mention with West Point, NYU, St. Olaf's, Seattle University, and higher than thousands of teams from around the world. Team 56942 Captain Sojeong Lee, Nok Ni Li, and Yusra Omidiran, and Team 56940 Captain Ho Jun Kim, Min Hyung Lee, and Zikang Chen scored at the Meritorious Level - the upper 7% of the world and two levels above University of California - Berkeley, a world leader in Mathematical Modeling. Our Meritorious Winners performed at the same level of SUNY-Stonybrook, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Illinois, Pacific Lutheran University, and above 93% of all teams!

 "I always believed that Concordia students would be competitive with our Ivy League peers our 2017 performance with two meritorious winners (96 percentile) and one honorable mention award is one of the most impressive performances I have witnessed of any college or university during my 27 years of coaching math teams", said Concordia's Professor of Mathematics, John Loase.