Concordia College Photos

  • Collection Number: S-0001 to S-0009
  • Collection Size: 5.0 linear feet

The uncountable amounts of photographs taken of events, people, and buildings of Concordia College have been partially organized into the following categories:

  • S-0001 Commencement
  • S-0002 Student Activities
  • S-0003 Former Faculty Members
  • S-0004 Buildings
  • S-0005 Sports
  • S-0006 Music
  • S-0007 Special Events
  • S-0008 People
  • S-0009 General

All of these pictures have been entered into a database. Detailed information of each of the photos is available to include the approximate year the picture was taken, size, condition etc.

This collection will be an ongoing project and completion is unforeseen.