List of Catalogued Books

Call Number Bibliographies
BR 151 .N4 1968 A history of the church: the one, holy, catholic and apostolic church. George Nicozisin.
BS 239 1900z Die Bibel: oder die ganze Heilige Schrift Alten und Neuen Testaments. German Bible.
BV 10 .D37 1957 Christian worship, its history and meaning. Horton Davies.
BV 167 .P5 1956 The survival of the historic vestments in the Lutheran Church after 1555. Arthur Carl Piepkorn.
BV 169.5 .E87 1952 Essays from the fourth Institute of Liturgical Studies: held under the auspices of Valparaiso University, June, 1952. Institute of Liturgical Studies.
BV 169.5 .E87 1957 Essays from the Eighth Institute of Liturgical Studies: held under the auspices of Valparaiso University.
BV 173 .L413 1959 A small liturgical dictionary. Giacomo Lercaro.
BV 175 .W67 ?A review concerned with the problems of liturgical renewal.? Worship v. 26 Dec 1951.
BV 178 .F68 1990 Foundations: renewing parish worship: the 1990 Institute of Liturgical Studies. Edited by Randall R. Lee and David G. Truemper.
BV 245 .L8 1917 Luther's Prayers: translated from the original and conveniently indexed for ready use as manual of prayer at all times and a companion book to the Small Catechism. Charles E. Kistler.
BV 245 .L82 1941a Lutheran book of prayer. Concordia Publishing House.
BV 283 .P4 P73 1976 Prayers for peace from the Bible. American Bible Society.
BV 310 .L8 1926 Hymnological studies. Matthew N. Lundquist.
BV 312 .B4 1962 The English Hymn: its development and use in worship. Louis F. Benson.
BV 335 .L6 1965 The anatomy of hymnody. Austin C. Lovelace.
BV 410 .H3 1926 The Selah song book for worship and devotion in church, school, home. Adolf T. Hanser.
BV 410 .M5 1941 W6 Worship supplement. Commission on Worship, Lutheran Church-- Missouri Synod.
BV 410 .M6 1918 Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book. Concordia Publishing House.
BV 481 .L8 A4 1909 Kirchen-Gesangbuch fur Evangelisch-Lutherische Gemeinden ungeänderter Augusburgischer Confession. Concordia Publishing House.
BX 1970 .C3 1971 The liturgy of the hours; the general instruction on the liturgy of the hours with a commentary by A.M. Roguet. Catholic Church.
BX 1970 .D46 1961 Dictionary of liturgical Latin. Wilfrid Joseph Diamond.
BX 1981 .A3 B66 1966 The Book of Catholic Worship. Washington, Liturgical Conference.
BX 2130 .P75 1910

Prieres liturgiques en usage dans l'eglise catholique-chretienne de la suisse. L'eveque Herzog et par le Conseil Synodal.

BX 2136 .G43 1940 Gebetbuch der Christkathololischen Kirche der Schweiz.
BX 355 .A5 M37 1966 The divine liturgy of St. John Chrysostom of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Edited by George Mastrantonis.
BX 4710.63 .L513 1963 The Eucharistic Liturgies of the Eastern Churches. Nikolaus Liesel.
BX 5146 .A1 1966 The revised Psalter: pointed for use with Anglican chants. Cambridge University Press.
BX 7925 .A5 1916 Evangelical Book of Worship. German Evangelical Synod of North America.
BX 8067 .A1 K33 1965 Theology of Worship in 17th-Century Lutheranism. Friedrich Kalb.
BX 8067 .A3 I58 1969 Hymns. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.
BX 8067 .A3 P43 1979 Manual on the Liturgy: Lutheran Book of Worship. Philip H. Pfatteicher.
BX 8067 .A5 F7 1946 L'office divin. Eglise evangelique lutherienne de France.
BX 8067 .B8 I58 1976 Burial of the dead. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.
BX 8067 .C66 H65 1970 The Holy Communion. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.
BX 8067 .H9 T3 1974 Hymns of the week of the three year cycle of lessons. Frederick H. Telschow.
BX 8067 .L4 L47 1970z

The Lessons: the appointed first lesson, second lesson, and gospel readings for Series C of the three-year lectionary. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.

BX 8067 .M3 I58 1972 The Marriage Service. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.
BX 8067 .P7 I58 1976 Daily Prayer of the Church. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.
BX 8067 .S4 I58 1972 Services of the word. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.
BX 8073 .L4 1900z A liturgy for the celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Society of Saint James.
BX 8073.5 .A38 1975 Affirmation of the Baptismal Covenant. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.
BX 8073.5 .H64 1974 Holy baptism. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.
CT 1098 .S45 F43 1955 Albert Schweitzer, an introduction. Jacques Feschotte.
M 14.3 .D48 1925

Deux livres d'orgue: en 1531/ parus chez Pierre Attaingnant. Publications de la Societe francaise de musicologie.

M 1704 .C77 1925 Folk songs of Bohemia. Koppe-Bellmann.
M 2 .P25 M3 1951 Masterpieces of music before 1750; Edited by Carl Parrish and John.F. Ohl.
M 2017 .S33 1965 The roots of hymnody in the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod. Carl Schalk.
M 2062 .T74 1930

Treize motets et un prelude pour orgue, parus chez Pierre Attaingnant en 1531. Publications de la Societe francaise de musicologie.

M 2115 .C36 1963 Cantate Domino: World's Student Christian Federation hymnal.
M 2117 .A794 1941 The hymnal, army and navy. Edited by Ivan L. Bennett.
M 2117 .H9857 1966 Hymns and songs of the spirit. St. Louis, Bethany Pr.
M 2117 .N51 1937 The new church hymnal. Edited by H. Augustine Smith.
M 2117 .O75 1936 Original sacred harp: Denson revision: the best collection of sacred songs, hymns, odes and anthems, ever offered the singing public for general use. T.J. Denson.
M 2119 .F73 P8 1939 Psaumes chorals, cantiques, chants liturgiques. Delachaux and Niestle.
M 2123 .P6 1958 Pilgrim hymnal. Pilgrim Press.
M 2124 .C55 1959 Psalter hymnal: doctrinal standards and liturgy of the Christian Reformed Church. Christian Reformed Church.
M 2125 .C4 H8 1909 The Church hymnal: revised and enlarged in accordance with the action of the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord 1892. Edited by Charles L. Hutchins.
M 2125 .H96 1916 The hymnal as authorized and approved for use by the General Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America in the year of our Lord 1916.
M 2125 .P7 1961 The hymnal of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America. Episcopal Church.
M 2126 .C46 1901 The choral service book. Edited by Harry G. Archer and Luther D. Reed.
M 2126 .C46 1902 Choralbuch: eine Sammlung der gangbarsten Chorale der evang.- lutherischen Kirche: Concordia Publishing House.
M 2126 .E93 Evangelisches Kirchen Gesangbuch. Ausgabe fur die Evangelisch-Lutherische Kirche in Bayern.
M 2126 .H989 T45 1965 The Hymn of the week: SAB. Edited by Paul Thomas.
M 2126 .I51 1978 Lutheran book of worship. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.
M 2126 .I58 1972 Hymns for baptism and holy communion. Inter-Lutheran Commission on Worship.
M 2126 .S49 1958 Service book and hymnal of the Lutheran Church in America. Augsburg Publishing House.
M 2126 .S49 L88 1957 Liturgical music from the service book and hymnal of the Lutheran Church in America. Lutheran Church in America.
M 2126 .S86 1901 Sunday-school hymnal. English Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri and Other States. American Lutheran Publication Board.
M 2126 .S86 1912 Sunday-school hymnal. English Evangelical Lutheran Synod of Missouri and Other States. Concordia Publishing House.
M 2126 .T5 H9 1961 The hymn of the week. Edited by Paul Thomas.
M 2127 .M591 1966 The Methodist Hymnal. Methodist Publishing House.
M 2130 .H96 1950 The Hymnal. General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the United States of America..
M 2130 .P7 H9 1955 The Hymnbook. Presbyterian Church in the U.S.
M 2130 .P928 H9 1936 The hymnal. Presbyterian Church in the U.S.A.
M 2131 .U62 1974 The Hymnal of the United Church of Christ. United Church Press.
M 2136 .S695 1959 Songs of Praise. Edited by Percy Dearmer.
M 2138 .L88 1965 Liturgy and hymns. Edited by Ulrich S. Leupold.
M 2140 .S8 P73 1971 Psalmer och visor: forsokshafte utgivet av 1969 ars psalmkommitte.
M 2143 .A878 L8 1973 Lutheran Hymnal. Lutheran Church of Australia.
M 2148.4 .L4 1930z Kyrial: seu, Ordinarium Missae,cum cantu Gregoriana. Societas S.Joannis Evang.
M 2149 .L4 1912 Antiphonale sacrosanctae Romanae Ecclesia pro diurnis horis. Catholic Church.
M 2149.2 .P8 C65 1959 The Oxford Chant Book: for three-part singing. Henry Coleman.
M 2150 .M1934 1934 Antiphonary monasticum pro diurnis horis, iuxta vota Abbatum congregationum confoederatarum ordinis Sancti Benedicti, a Solesmensibus monachis restitutum. Catholic Church.
M 2151 .L4 1962 The liber usualis. Catholic Church.
M 2151 .M4 1939 Liber Vesperalis juxta ritum Sanctae Ecclesiae Mediolanensis.
M 2153.2 .S8 M7 1973 Morning Praise and evensong. Edited by William G. Storey, Frank C. Quinn and David F. Wright.
M 2153.6 .A6 A7 1935 Antiphonale missarum juxta ritum sanctae ecclesiae mediolananses. Catholic Church.
M 2169 .P73 P53 1936 The Plainsong Psalter. Episcopal Church.
M 2198 .C55 M6 1926 The Modern hymnal. Edited by Robert H. Coleman.
M 2198 .N4 1914 The New make Christ king: Edited by E. O. Excell and W. E. Biederwolf.
M 22 .B11 W64 1906 Das wohltemperierte Klavier. Johann Sebastian Bach.
ML 100 .S37 1947 The Oxford companion to music. Percy Alfred Scholes.
ML 102 .C45 C38 1900z Catalogue de chant gregorien.
ML 102 .C5 S8 1950 A dictionary of church music. George Wilfred Stubbings.
ML 105 .B16 1958 Baker's biographical dictionary of musicians. Nicolas Slonimsky.
ML 108 .H84 1940 Liturgical terms for music students: a dictionary. Anselm Hughes.
ML 109 .B16 1947 Pronouncing pocket-manual of musical terms: together with the elements of notation and biographical dates of noteworthy musicians. Edited by Theodore Baker.
ML 128 .S2 B67 1965 A repertory of English cathedral anthems. John Dykes Bower.
ML 128 .V7 E8 1974 Vocal solos for Protestant services. Noni Espina.
ML 160 .M15 M8 1940 Music in History; the evolution of an art. Howard D. McKinney.
ML 166 .A9 1963 Studies in the Hebrew, Syrian and Greek liturgical recitative. Hanoch Avenary.
ML 172 .B9 1950 Studies in medieval and Renaissance music. Manfred F. Bukofzer.
ML 172 .G37 1931 Les peres de l'eglise et la musique. Theodore Gerold.
ML 172 .P57 H5 1940 Histoire de la musique de la fin du XIVe siecle a la fin du XVIe. Andre Pirro.
ML 174 .G4 1948 Abriss der Mensuralnotation des XIV. Friedrich Gennrich.
ML 174 .S87 1935 Introduction a la paleographie. Gregorio Maria Sunol.
ML 174 .T59 1930 Grammaire de la notation proportionelle et sa transcription moderne. Antonio Tirabassi.
ML 246.7 .W47 1956 Beiträge zur Geschichte der maximiliamischen Hofkapelle. Othmar Wessely.
ML 2900 .D73 C4 1940 Church music in history and practice: studies in the praise of God. Winfred Douglas.
ML 3000 .S74 1942 The hymns of the Rt. Rev. George Craig Stewart. George Craig Stewart.
ML 3000.1 .L58 H4 1966 Harmony and discord: an open forum on church music. Liturgical Conference Inc.
ML 3007 .S36 1977 Church music transgressed: reflections on ?reform?. Francis P. Schmitt.
ML 3049.5 .K87 1944 Der Kirchengesang mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Liturgie der christkatholischen Kirche der Schweiz. Adolf Kury.
ML 3082 .L26 1984 Chant, from Gueranger to Gelineau. Norita Lanners
ML 3082 .M73 1908 Le nombre musical gregorien ou Rhythmique gregorienne, theorie et pratique. Andre Mocquereau.
ML 3086 .P54 1957 The Psalter in the temple and the church. Marie Pierik.
ML 3095 .M6 1950 The motu proprio of church music of Pope Pius X. Catholic Church.
ML 3106 .R69 1968 Words, music, and the church. Erik Routley.
ML 3166 .T5 1950 A choirmaster's notebook on Anglican services and liturgical music. H.Everett Titcomb.
ML 3168 .C58 1965 Christian hymnody. Church Music Seminar.
ML 3168 .H6 1946 The musical heritage of the church. Edited by Theodore Hoelty-Nickel.
ML 3168 .H6 1954 The musical heritage of the church. Edited by Theodore Hoelty-Nickel.
ML 3168 .H6 1959 The musical heritage of the Lutheran Church. Edited by Theodore Hoelty-Nickel.
ML 3168 .H61 1944 The musical heritage of the Lutheran Church. Edited by Theodore Hoelty-Nickel
ML 3168 .H64 1970 The musical heritage of the Lutheran Church, volume VII. Edited by Theodore Hoelty-Nickel.
ML 3168 .M8 1963 The musical heritage of the Church, volume VI. Edited by Theodore Hoelty-Nickel.
ML 3168 .P35 1962 The story of the church's song. Millar Patrick.
ML 3172 .A3 1984 Our Moravian hymn heritage. Charles B. Adams.
ML 37 .U5 C4 Proceedings. The Cantors Assembly of America.
ML 3797 .W37 Introduction to music research. Ruth T. Watanabe.
ML 3805 .B29 A2 1942 Acoustics of music. Wilmer Tillett Bartholomew.
ML 3811 .A64 A3 1937 Accidentien und Tonalität in den Musikdenkmälern des 15. und 16. Jahrhunderts. Willi Apel.
ML 3869 .H64 1971 Musica sacra al Lebensinhalt. Johann Baptist Hilber.
ML 410 .B1 D24 1966 The Bach reader; a life of Johann Sebastian Bach in letters and documents. Edited by Hans T. David and Arthur Mendel.
ML 410 .B1 G43 1966 Johann Sebastian Bach; the culmination of an era. Karl Geiringer.
ML 410 .B1 P62 1957b J.S. Bach. Andre Pirro.
ML 410 .B1 S39 1935 J.S. Bach. Albert Schweitzer.
ML 410 .B1 S7 1951 Johann Sebastian Bach, his work and influence on the music of Germany, 1685-1750. Philipp Spitta.
ML 410 .B1 S853 1984 Johann Sebastian Bach and liturgical life in Leipzig. Gunther Stiller.
ML 410 .B13 H6 1950 The little Bach book. Edited by Theodore Hoelty-Nickel.
ML 410 .B13 L38 1984 J.S. Bach as preacher: his Passions and music in worship. Robin A. Leaver.
ML 410 .B13 T37 1928 Bach; a biography. Charles Sanford Terry.
ML 410 .B13 T41 1963 The music of Bach. Charles Sanford Terry.
ML 410 .B4 R6422 1929 Beethoven the creator. Romain Rolland.
ML 410 .B42 N4 1956 Beethoven encyclopedia. Paul Nettl.
ML 410 .B8 G42 1961 Brahms, his life and work. Karl Geiringer.
ML 410 .D57 P3 1967 Hugo Distler and his church music. Larry Palmer.
ML 410 .M77 S35 1950 Monteverdi, creator of modern music. Leo Schrade.
ML 410 .P89 D4 1952 Immortal Bohemian: an intimate memoir of Giacomo Puccini. Dante Del Fiorentino.
ML 410 .S35 P4 1924 Schutz. Andre Pirro.
ML 431 .A6 1949 The notation of polyphonic music, 900-1600. Willi Apel.
ML 465 .A92 R423 1907 Recherches sur les ?tenors? latins dans les motets du treizieme siecle d'apres le manuscrit de Montpellier Bibliotheque universitaire. Pierre Aubry.
ML 49 .B65 1946 Texts of the vocal works of Johannes Brahms.
ML 49.2 .S38 1952 English texts to the vocal works of Heinrich Schutz.
ML 93 .D58 A9 1955 Auszug aus The Worcester music. Luther A. Dittmer.
MT 1 .S92 1969 Nurtured by love; a new approach to education. Shin'ichi, Suzuki.
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MT 50 .V6 R8 1936 Rules of chords. Julius Vogler.
MT 50 .V87 M6 1939 A modern course in harmony. Julius Vogler.
MT 50 .V88 H6 1935 How to harmonize melodies. Julius Vogler.
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MT 860 .B88 1965 The formulary tones annotated. Paul George Bunjes.
MT 860 .S86 1940z Text book of Gregorian chant according to the Solesmes method. Dom Gregory Sunol.
Z 111 .C24 1967 Lexicon abbreviaturarum. Adriano Cappelli.