Library FAQs

Questions and Answers

Below are questions commonly heard at the reference desk. If you don't see you question or need further help, don't hesitate to contact the library.

How do I renew a book or other item checked out from the library?
Library items may be renewed once.

  • From the Library Home:
  • Click Online Catalog
  • Log into your account .
  • Click the Renew Items button. Your new due date will appear.

If you need help logging on, speak to the reference librarian.

How do I access the journal databases from off-campus?
All databases can be accessed off-campus using:

  • C00  - Number
  • Password

If I am late with a library book, how much will I be charged in fines?
It depends on the policy for the item:

  • Reserves are $1.00 per late hour
  • Reference books are 50¢ per late hour.
  • Regular checkout is 25¢ per late day.

Where can I find information on MLA and APA citation format?

How can I get into Blackboard?

  • Login to Concordia College's Intranet.

How do I search a database for an article?

Can I post a sign for my club event in the library?

  • Yes...but it must be approved by the Student Services Office. Also, review the Concordia College Student Guide page 23.