Koepchen Collection, 1891-1931


  • Collection Number A-0012
  • Collection Size: 3.3 linear feet

This Finding Aid consists of three major sections:

Historical Note

The Koepchen Collection was created to combine a variety of old glass slides and photographs taken by Rev. William Koepchen who was extremely active in preserving the history of Concordia College . He was involved in many aspects in its formation including the relocation of the campus from Hawthorne to its present location in Bronxville. Additionally, he served as chairman of the Building Committee of Concordia Bronxville and as secretary of the Board of Overseers; he was also a founding member of the Lutheran Education Society and served on the Board for Control for Concordia College from 1904 to 1919.

William Koepchen was born on March 13, 1864 in Chicago , Illinois . He attended Concordia College in Ft. Wayne , Indiana from 1878-1885. He graduated from Concordia Seminary, St. Louis , Missouri in 1888 and received his first call to Zion Lutheran Church in New Haven , Connecticut . Rev. Koepchen served there from his ordination on August 5 th , 1888 until 1890. For the next ten years (1890-1900), he served as pastor of St. John's Lutheran Church in Meriden , Connecticut . From 1900 until 1936 Rev. Koepchen served St. Luke's Lutheran in New York . He died suddenly on September 8 th , 1936. Pastor Koepchen was married to Caroline Marie Neebe in 1890; they had four sons.

There are countless pieces of "evidence" of his un-tiring involvement in the success of Concordia College Bronxville, New York.

Scope & Content Notes

The Koepchen Collection consists of subject files containing mainly correspondence generated during the period of 1908-1910 while William Koepchen was the chairman of the building committee of Concordia Bronxville , NY . Furthermore, there are a number of unidentified photographs contained within existing Koepchen material.

The majority of this collection contains lecture cards and glass slides. One large lecture called ?Luther? was left in its original form. It includes approximately 850 cards and photos in their original boxes. The other cards and/or glass slides are sorted into six difference categories:

Large Glass Slides consists of 5 x 41/4 inch glass slides in protective sleeves. Some of these slides are duplicates. Neither these nor the other slides can be viewed with a standard slide projector since they were created in a format now obsolete.

Building & Sites is compiled of slides and photos of places at the first college location of Hawthorne and the present place of Bronxville. There is also a sub-group called ?General? which is mainly photos of churches and Lutheran institutions at the turn of the century. This group, as all others, are in alphabetical order with an index sheet in the box.

Groups of People consists of photos and/or glass slides. It is sorted by location of where the image was taken; i.e. Bronxville, Hawthorne , New York City, AD (Atlantic District).

Individual People includes both glass slides and photos mounted on cards. It is mainly a collection of Concordia professors and pastors of the Atlantic District. To make the research easier, blue cards with the last name of each person in the upper left hand corner have been placed in this file.

Subject Files contains correspondence to and from Pastor Koepchen, unidentified photos, and various certificates and official documents concerning the purchase and building of Concordia College in Bronxville , New York .

Luther Lecture includes ca. 850 4" x 6" cards, some of them with photos, others with written information. These cards were obviously at one time accompanied by slides, since photo negative numbers are listed on each card. However, these negatives have not yet been found. This card file consists of three boxes. They are numerically organized starting with number 1 and concluding with number 850.

Note : Part of the Koepchen card and slide file is located at Concordia Historical Institute in St. Louis . It is not known by the local archivist who had placed it there or at what time is was transferred

The Collection was arranged by Brigitte H. Conkling: January 30, 2008