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Description Type Neg #
AD - Pastors of the Atlantic District Oct. 18-20, 1920 glass NA
AD - Convention 1925, at Meriden Conn. photo 141
AD - Convention of AD May 1909, photo 86
Baltimore, Last Meeting glass 63a
Baltimore, Convention of Eastern District 1906 glass 51
Bronxville, Board of Control glass 145
Bronxville: Dedication of College & Groundbreaking photo  
Bronxville, Dedication of Gym 1928 glass 129
Bronxville, Faculty 1912 glass 109
Bronxville: Baseball Team glass NA
Bronxville: Baseball Team photo  
Bronxville: Concordia Band glass NA
Bronxville: Football - 1 glass NA
Bronxville: Football - 2 glass NA
Bronxville: Football - Practice glass NA
Bronxville: Golden Jubilee Dinner, 1931 photo 147
Bronxville: Group of Students glass NA
Bronxville: Lutheran. Education Society Dinner Nov. 22 1909 glass 93
Bronxville: Military Exercise in from of Feth Hall glass NA
Bronxville: Mud Bath glass NA
Bronxville: Shot-Put glass NA
Bronxville: Sports Fans glass NA
Bronxville: Trolley glass NA
Hawthorne: Dr. Rudolf Wagemann & Students photo 31
Hawthorne: Faculty 1907 glass 110
Hawthorne, Baseball Club glass 73
Hawthorne, Class in Hawthorne glass 59
Hawthorne, Class w. Director Feth glass 55
Hawthorne: College Group glass 49
Hawthorne: First Quarta dismissed from Broom Street glass 28
Hawthorne, Farewell, June 26, 1908 glass 83
Hawthorne, Farewell, June 26, 1908 photo NA
Hawthorne, Farewell, June 26, 1908 photo NA
Hawthorne, Graduation, June 26, 1908 glass 82
Hawthorne, Group Photos 2 ea photo  
Hawthorne, Group at the Gym glass 68
Hawthorne, Sextaner 1881 photo 24
Hawthorne, Sherman Park Quarta 1895 glass 45
Hawthorne, Sherman Park Tertia 1895 f. Ft. Wayne glass 50
Hawthorne, Sherman Park Tertia 1896 f. Ft. Wayne glass 56
Missionaries to Brazil photo  
New York & New England Conference - Oct 18-20, 1892 photo 36
New York & New England Pastor Conf. Meriden Conn. photo 900
New York: Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn glass NA
New York: Pastor John Henry Sieker glass 4
New York: Pilger Haus photo 1080
New York: St. Luke's Bulletin Board glass 118
New York: St. Matthews - Pastor Sieker & teachers photo 61
New York: Time Square photo  
New York: Trinity Lutheran Church 9th Street glass 150
New York: Unknown Gentleman glass NA
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